IMI at upcoming conference in Croatia

The conference “Alternative Dispute ResolutionCooperation between Public Administration and the Judiciary with the Business Sector” will shortly be held in Zagreb, Croatia. IMI will be represented by Contributing Editor, Ivana Ninčić Österle, and several speakers from IMI taskforces.

About the conference

Date: October 23-24, 2019
Location: Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Conference Hall, Zagreb, Ilica 49 / I
Contact: / +3851 4806 666
Organisers: Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia; Council of Europe European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ).

The aim of the conference is to raise the awareness of the general and professional public and all stakeholders involved in creating the framework for economic development on the importance of having an efficient judiciary and public administration for the business of entrepreneurs, to stimulate domestic and foreign investment and increase the competitiveness and ADR as a way of avoiding court disputes.

(Abbreviated) conference program

Day 1

10:15—Mediation in the European Union

  • The work of the working group on mediation (CEPEJ-GT-MED) of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice, Council of Europe (Nina Betetto)
  • The possibility of using mediation as an efficient tool for dealing with cross-border disputes in the EU – Benefits for European SMEs (Brian Hutchinson)
  • Digitization of SMEs and mediation as a consumer ADR in France (Delphine Borne)
  • Challenges of adhesion contracts—risks for consumers (Jelena Uzelac)
  • Mediation as the primary means to solve conflicts between online platforms and businesses—new EU regulation from 2021 (Christophe Riedmann)

13:30—Digitisation of the Judiciary

  • IMI provided support to CEPEJ via several of its Board and Committee members, leading to the incorporation of IMI training standards into CEPEJ’s toolkit.  We look forward to CEPEJ’s further work.
  • IMI also provided formal feedback then advice to the EU with regard to the new regulation on conflicts between online platforms and businesses.

Day 2

09:00—Consumer protection, European Commission Projects and Activities Review

  • EU 29 MS Project “Training for SMEs on Consumer Law in the Digital Age”
  • EC ODR Platform / European Consumer Centres Network

10:00—Croatia, Destination for International Investments, with Mediation and/or Arbitration as Effective Ways of Resolving Disputes

  • Investments and investment climate in Croatia (Davor Pitting)
  • International commercial and investment mediation—specifics of ICSID mediations (Joe Tirado)
  • Mediation of cross-border disputes—intercultural differences between parties (Tat Lim)
  • Singapore Convention—big support for mediation (Brian Hutchinson)
  • The Singapore Arb-Med-Arb clause and multi-tiered clauses in cross-border transactions (Maria Beatriz Burghetto)
  • ICSID’s proposed investor-state mediation rules and the centre’s other mediation initiatives (Frauke Nitschke)

About Ivana

Ivana Ninčić Österle is a lawyer, mediator and public policy consultant for judicial reform, specializing in mediation and judicial efficiency. She is a Weinstein JAMS International Fellow, Weinstein International Senior Fellow and a member of the CEPEJ Working Group on the Evaluation of Judicial Systems. Aside from developing her own mediation practice, she is currently engaged on an EU-funded project supporting the Ministry of Justice of Serbia in EU integration, within which she is working on devising a more sustainable mediation system as well as active promotion of mediation. Ivana is Serbian by birth and legal training, predominantly Canadian by citizenship, education and manners, and international by professional aspiration. She is currently based in her hometown of Belgrade.   

Ivana recently joined the IMI Team as one of our volunteer Contributing Editors.

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