Irena Vanenkova leaves IMI

Irena Vanenkova, who served IMI selflessly since 2007, stepped down from her role as Executive Director on January 12, 2018.

Irena tirelessly worked to promote IMI and its Vision and Mission. Many in the international dispute resolution and management community consider her a cherished friend. She was a vigorous advocate for IMI at conferences and meetings explaining the value of IMI Certification and being part of its many Task Forces and Committees.

Irena was at the centre of practically all of the developments of IMI in its first 10 years. We thank her for her energy and commitment, which will continue to benefit IMI long into the future.

Please join us in wishing Irena the best.

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9 thoughts on “Irena Vanenkova leaves IMI”

  1. Irena, you have made a significant contribution to the international development and exposure of mediation practice, and the drive for professionalism, standards, monitoring and evaluation. You have been a wonderful friend to us all.

  2. I have met with her 2 years ago in Istanbul Commercial Mediation Conference, I needed so bad a coach for my ICC Mediation Competition. I was doing my best to looking for a coach then met with Mrs. Irena she took my arm and directly put me in front of a Turkish mediator and there! I had my coach. Afterwards, we couldn’t keep in touch until ICC mediation competition started in Paris. I saw her in there I wasn’t expecting to see her we chat a bit and leave it there. At least I thought that way, when I participate INADR Glasgow competition, there! I saw her again still feeling that cold winds in me. In my mind, she was a ghost and following me around the world. We took some pictures again and leave it there and again I thought so!! November 2017 attended RSUJ mediation competition in Moscow. While drinking my Russian tea there saw her again. Still, i can feel the tension on me right now and that moment. Didn’t figure out what to say and in my mind ‘ HOW COME İS İT POSSIBLE’

    Let’s look at the places that I saw her; Istanbul, Paris, Glasgow, Moscow 4 completely different places on the planet and surely I saw her again in different competitions in the future.

    As a young Mediator, it was an honor to be granted to the award of the ‘ Free Mediation Training program held in Moscow’ special jury award in RSUJ competition from Irena Vanenkova. That award still best award that I have in my life and it will be forever. Learning Mediation from the best!! I gotta try my best to find new desires from God.

    Maybe today you retired but in my mind, you will always be a myth Mediator.
    Thank you, Mrs. Mediator.

  3. How can I express my feelings & thoughts about Irena?

    I know her since 2008 and she has always been an isnpiration to me. The ideas she gave to me, the questions she asked to make me realize things, the calmness of her voice, the brave visions she included mediators globally, the network she established all those years for all of us; the mediators, are priceless.

    She has been so busy and proud with IMI and so much believed in IMI that we all believed in.

    Everytime I met her in any occasion, anywhere around the globe, she would always have time to talk, introduce me to others, share her ideas, encourage me to speak up and was always ready to listen.

    A real lady.
    An inspiration forever.
    A unifying leader.

    I believe that whatever you will do, you will do it in a great way; good luck Irena.

    Love and kşsses from Price Islands.


    Thank you very much for all your kindly attetion to IMI and its members.
    I wish a big succes where your are.
    For the new director excelent job.

    Adolfo Braga Neto

  5. Daniel Margolis

    Irena. I will miss you! on IMI and personally!; I hope you will still be traveling from time to time to DC and that we can keep up our contacts.

  6. Fernanda Rocha Lourenco Levy

    It is really difficult to express, in few words, all my admiration for Irena. She is a real lady, an excellent manager, she can build bridges in a soft and competent way…Thank you very much for all the support you gave us in all these years. GOOD LUCK!!!! and come to Brasil!

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