IMI Certified Mediator search engine upgraded!

The IMI ‘Find a Mediator’ search engine is now faster and more convenient than ever before. Check out the new features at!

New: blisteringly fast page load times!

Previously, when you searched the IMI Certified directory, the page would reload each time you clicked ‘search’ or added a filter. Now, results are updated in front of your eyes, for a much faster and more user-friendly experience!

New: full-text search!

You can now use full-text search for IMI Certified Mediator and Mediaton Advocate. Previously, if a mediator had written ‘Texas’ somewhere in their profile, but had not included ‘United States – TX’ as one of their active locations, they wouldn’t display in search results for Texas. Now you can simply type what you’re looking for into the text box, and click ‘Search’!

Search box from the ‘Find a Mediator’ page

New: enhanced filtering capabilities!

Full-text search returning too many results? Filter them by active locations, languages, expertise, certifications, specialisations, or mediation style using the drop-downs (shown below). You can also change how results are sorted, including by ‘last login’ (so you know mediators are active), or first name.

Filters on the ‘Find a Mediator’ page.

In the above image, you can see that ‘Australia’ has been selected as an ‘Active Location’. To remove a filter, either click the little ‘cross’ to the right of Australia, or select ‘Clear all’.

New: view in list or grid mode!

You can now view the IMI Certified Professional search results in either ‘grid’ (default) or ‘list’ mode. Switch between the two by clicking the icon next to ‘sort by’ (shown in the image above).

Grid mode

List mode (new!)

Mediators and Mediation Advocates should ensure they include a brief biography/description on their profiles, as well as a profile image, to improve their visibility in list mode. To edit your profile, login, click the ‘gear’ icon to the right of your profile picture, and make your desired changes.

Comments? Suggestions? Feel free to leave them below, or email [email protected].
We will be rolling out similar improved functionality to other IMI ‘member directories’ over the next several weeks.

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