New IMI Certified Mediator Training Program: ADR ODR International

ADR ODR International, based in the UK, have had their 5-day training approved as an IMI Certified Mediator Training Program.

ADR ODR International deliver training in:

  • Bangladesh (English and Bengla)
  • Cyprus (Greek)
  • France (French)
  • Greece (Greek)
  • India—Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore (English)
  • Kenya (English)
  • Mauritius (English)
  • Pakistan (English)
  • Switzerland (German and French)
  • Thailand (Thai and English)
  • Uganda (English)
  • United Arab Emirates (English and Arabic)
  • United Kingdom (English)

IMI Certified Mediator Training Programs, or CMTPs, meet international competency criteria for mediation training excellence. Individuals who complete CMTPs are able to become recognised as ‘IMI Qualified Mediators’. CMTPs can be searched here.

About ADR ODR International

ADR ODR International Limited is at its core a global collection of ADR professionals. We work across three main areas, known as ‘the hubs’; these are the Civil-Commercial hub, the Family hub and the Workplace hub. We offer a huge range of professional negotiators, mediators and arbitrators across all three hubs as well as tailor made mediation, negotiation and arbitration training.

Our business model is unique, we have a core ethos of social responsibility and the social conscience branch of the business is something we are truly passionate about. Our mission, put simply, is to help reduce conflict on a global scale. We believe the best way to do this is by creating dialogue. Our Dialogue and Pluralism department focuses on global projects that bring people of different races, ethnicities, religions and classes together to discuss their differences. We believe in the power of words and communication and we know that if everyone learnt to talk a little more, and fight a little less, then there would be less conflict in the world.

View ADR ODR’s approved CMTP here. Their website is

Congratulations to ADR ODR International!

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