Launch of the Worldwide Mediator Mentorship Program

The time has come to change the perception and value of young mediators on the worldwide mediation landscape.

Members of the WMMP

Five major actors of the mediation world have joined forces to create a unique WORLDWIDE MEDIATION MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME (WMMP):  IMI’s Young Mediators’ Initiative (YMI), the International International Academy of Mediators (IAM), Institut Français de Certification des Médiateurs (IFCM), Instituto de Certificaçao e Formaçao de Mediadores Lusofonos (ICFML – also an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program), and the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI). The WMMP is supported by the International Centre for ADR of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

IMI’s Young Mediators’ Initiative gives mediators who are young (and ‘young in experience’) the opportunity to gain experience and build networks in the field of mediation. It was established in 2010. Learn more about YMI, and read an article with a former YMI member who went on to become IMI Certified.

Since 2010, YMI has facilitated mentorship opportunities for its members. However, the demand for mentors was larger than the number of available experienced mediators who could act as mentor. For this reason, YMI looked for support in enhancing its mentorship programme, ensuring not just more opportunities to find mentors, but also looking for a mentor community, with quality and expertise paramount. Partnership with the above organisations was a natural step, and YMI is able to use its experience to both learn from and contribute to the community.

Over the past twelve months, the partnership organisations have worked closely to establish guidelines and create a framework that will enhance mediation mentorships around the globe. The WMMP will facilitate relationships between mediators who are new to the profession and experienced mediation professionals wishing to pass on their learnings in the form of mentorship.


  1. Recruit and support the next generation of commercial mediation scholars and practitioners by creating mentorship opportunities
  2. Foster connections, knowledge sharing, and skill development
  3. Commit to maintaining excellence and ethics within the mediation profession

At ICC’s biggest educational event for commercial mediation (#ICCMW 2019), all partnering organisations announced their joint efforts to bring this WMMP to life. Experienced ADR members and mediation starters affiliated with the partnering organisations are invited to join the programme. This includes IMI Certified professionals who are interested in becoming mentors, as well as YMI members who are looking to become mentees.

I am very grateful for this powerful cooperation and I am looking forward to working across all organisations. Together we will enable the next generation of mediators to thrive and offer valuable support to mediation experts.

YMI Co-Founder Angela Herberholz

Searching for a mentor?

If you are a passionate mediator at the beginning of your mediation career, have a minimum of 40 hours’ focused mediation training, and are willing to go the extra mile to launch your mediation profession, then join YMI. All YMI Members are automatically qualified to join WMMP.

Interested in becoming a mentor?

Wonderful, thank you for offering your time and expertise. If you are interested in becoming a mentor and are an existing IMI Certified Mediator with up-to-date profile, please fill in the form on this page; otherwise, please register your interest here.

Representatives from the partnership organisations, including YMI Co-Founder and leader, Angela Herberholz, on the right.

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