From YMI to IMI: A Chat with Enda Young

Northern Ireland’s Enda Young was a member of the Young Mediators’ Initiative (YMI) and recently became IMI certified. We chat with him about his experiences.

What prompted you to specialise in mediation?

As a teenager growing up in Northern Ireland, I volunteered for a local peacebuilding, cross-community charity, the Spirit of Enniskillen and completed my first mediation training course with Mediation Northern Ireland (MNI) through one of their programmes. As I was studying for my first degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast, I continued my mediation training in parallel to my formal studies and after I completed this initial degree, I went back to university to complete an MA in Theory, Culture and Identity focusing on conflict transformation.

Why did you join YMI? What did the organisation offer you as a young mediator?

I searched online for an umbrella organisation for international mediators and found the YMI. It provided me with a certificate and qualification to aim for.

What steps did you have to take to become a certified mediator? How did you find the process? Are there any challenges you faced during the process and if so, how did you overcome them?

Since I have been a certified mediator with the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) for a few years, I contacted the local MII Qualifying Assessment Program for some assistance in connecting the MII with IMI. The local support from the MII was excellent.  Before changing careers, I spoke with a few individuals for advice. One of those people was Sean O’Baoill. I sat down on a park bench with Sean around fifteen years ago and we talked about being involved in work that we were passionate about and “put fire in our belly”.

The final part of the process of becoming an IMI Certified Professional Mediator involved receiving a review digest by “a practising mediator, trainer, educator or other highly experienced pr