Invitation to IMI Days in March, 2017

12 Mar 2017

IMI Days will be happening in Amman, Jordan, and Cluj-Napoca, Romania, this month. If you are in the area or have the possibility to attend, you are very welcome.

IMI create Model Mediation Rules and Clauses

16 Jan 2017

In 2016 an IMI Board Committee drafted a set of Model Mediation Rules and Clauses to be approved by the IMI Board and posted on the IMI Portal. The aim was to provide a neutral set of rules and clauses that parties could consider adopting on an ad-hoc basis.

Invitation to Comment–European Commission Investment Dispute Resolution

16 Jan 2017

This is to invite members of the Mediation, Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution  Community to participate in the European Commission (EC) consultation on investment dispute resolution policy.

Consultation on the relationship between informal justice and the courts

16 Jan 2017

The European Law Institute (ELI) and The European Network of Councils of the Judiciary (ENCJ) are in the process of working on a joint project on the relationship between informal justice and the courts. They have now finalised a consultation paper with a number of questions and are looking forward to getting responses from both users and practitioners. The final submission date for responses is 13th March.

Please see an invitation letter from Diana Wallis, president of ELI and past IMI Board Member, and Nuria Diaz Abad, current president of the ENCJ, at:

More information is available here and here

IMI and UNCITRAL Joint Program, New York, February 8 2017

16 Jan 2017

Joint program by UNCITRAL and the International Mediation Institute (IMI) as a side event on mediation at the occasion of the forthcoming 67th session of the UNCITRAL Working Group on Dispute Resolution. Participation is free of charge, followed by reception and a light meal.



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