Consultation on proposed IMI Mediation Advocacy Certification

The Mediation Advocacy Task Force of the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC) has established Criteria for assessing effective mediation advocacy practice. The Criteria form the basis upon which appropriate organisations may apply to the ISC for approval to qualify suitable individuals as IMI Certified Mediation Advocates via a Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP). The profiles of IMI Certified Mediator Advocates will be visible in an open search engine, enabling users to easily browse candidate profiles and select suitable Mediation Advocates. The proposed Criteria may be found at

The Task Force recognises that some individuals already possess the high levels of experience, knowledge and practical skills demanded of mediation advocates during the evaluation, preparation, conduct and implementation of a mediation. The Task Force considers that such individuals should be able to qualify for IMI Mediation Advocacy Certification without having to be assessed via a QAP. The Task Force has therefore prepared an Expertise Qualification Path (EQP) to those with the proven knowledge, experience and skills set out in the Criteria to be IMI Certified Mediation Advocates. The proposed EQP may be found at:

The Task Force has been unable to agree unanimously on whether the most appropriate terminology should be Certification or Accreditation, and on whether Advocate or Adviser is preferable. The Task Force acknowledges that different titles may therefore be used in English, the options being:

Option 1 IMI Certified Mediation Advocate
Option 2 IMI Accredited Mediation Advocate
Option 3 IMI Certified Mediation Adviser
Option 4 IMI Accredited Mediation Adviser
Option 5 Allow all four, according to the choice of the person so qualified.

It is proposed to launch the IMI Mediation Advocacy Certification in January 2013, following an open request for comments on the detailed Criteria, the EQP requirements and the name. Comments are invited by December 31, 2012 by emailing Emma Ewart, IMI Operations Manager at [email protected]

IMI ISC Mediation Advocacy Task Force:

Manon Schonewille (Chair, Netherlands); Prof. Harold I. Abramson (USA);
Prof. Ewa Gmurzynska (Poland); Aloysius Goh (Singapore);
Andrew Goodman (UK); Jeremy Lack (Switzerland); Deborah Masucci (USA);
Khory McCormick (Australia); Alexander Oddy (UK);
Sim Khadijah Binte Mohammad (Singapore); Dimitra Triantfyllou (Greece).

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