Changes to the IMI Board and Independent Standards Commission

2016 brought changes to the leadership of the IMI Board of Directors and the IMI Independent Standards Commission.

Diana Wallis and Doug McKay (Treasurer) retired from the IMI Board after serving 4 years as Board members. Their invaluable contribution and dedication to the work of IMI is highly appreciated and we would like you to join us in thanking them for their great input to the IMI development.

Cyril Dumoulin, Silvia Garrigo, Susanne Gropp-Stadler, and Sriram Panchu have been appointed to the IMI Board of Directors. Please join us in welcoming them to the IMI Board!

Cyril Dumoulin is Senior Legal Counsel at Shell’s Global Litigation Department (Europe & Middle East North Africa). He chairs the Global Litigation Mediation/ADR team and organizes training of internal counsel and business representatives in mediation advocacy skills. Read more

Silvia Garrigo, Senior Of Counsel, Morrison, Foerster LLP, has broad experience advising multinational corporations on legal, policy, sustainability, risk management, and public affairs issues arising from complex domestic and international matters, particularly the legal and business implications of energy and natural resources issues related to sustainability and global governance standards. Read more

Susanne Gropp-Stadler is Lead Counsel Litigation with Siemens AG. Within the scope of this function she is responsible for all global litigation matters within Siemens and for the development of adequate strategies with regard to handling litigation matters before national courts and arbitration courts. Read more

Sriram Panchu is a senior advocate and a mediator. He is considered a pioneer of the mediation movement in India, and was instrumental in establishing India’s first court-annexed mediation centre in the Madras High Court in 2005. He is the author of Mediation: Practice and Law, and Settle for More – the why, how and when of mediation. Read more

Rotation in the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC)

Constantin-Adi Gavrila joined Judith Meyer in the role of Co-Chair of the ISC. Adi is a mediator, engineer, jurist, first president of the Romanian Mediation Centers Union and vice-president of the first Mediation Council and a founding member and manager of Craiova Mediation Center, Romania. He will remain a Co-Chair of the Appraisal Committee. Read more

Pascal Comvalius joined Adi Gavrila as a Co-Chair of the Appraisal Committee. Pascal is a mediator with the Erickson Mediation Institute (USA), a board member at the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) (USA) and a QAP manager. He is based in The Netherlands. Read more

Please join us in wishing Adi and Pascal success in leading the ISC and the Appraisal Committee and continuing their good work towards making mediation a recognised profession.

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