When and how does remote mediation come into the spotlight?

Members of IMI’s Young Mediators’ Initiative recently participated in a meeting of “The Mediator Network“, normally reserved for members only. Discussion revolved around the role of ‘remote mediation’, and resulted in a paper on the topic which can be downloaded below.

The Mediator Network (2019), When and how to use remote mediation

YMI members enjoyed the exchange. It was especially useful as it was a topic of interest for everyone, and they all felt they were able to contribute and take something home.

Angela Herberholz, manager of the Young Mediators’ Initiative

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YMI are presently looking for experienced mediators to act as mentors as part of the Worldwide Mediation Mentorship Program. If you are interested, please email Angela Herberholz. She will provide you with additional information about the benefits, framework, process, duration and expectations.

Thank you to The Mediator Network for hosting our YMI members on this occasion, and we look forward to further fruitful discussions in future!

See also: IMI’s taskforce and criteria for online dispute resolution.

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