A snapshot of Los Angeles—a taste from the GPC Los Angeles Report

We have now released the GPC Los Angeles Report on the IMI website. This report is one of a set of eight North American reports created as part of an IMI project funded by the AAA-ICDR Foundation.

GPC Los Angeles Report

The North American suite of reports present findings from data that has never been analyzed before and gives insight into the commercial dispute resolution (DR) landscape in North America.

The GPC Los Angeles Report explores the characteristics of users of DR in Los Angeles, how the market responds to their needs, obstacles and challenges facing their jurisdiction and provides a vision for the future of commercial DR in Los Angeles.

Some results may be expected. Others may be quite surprising. 

The following is a sample of some of the themes emerging from The GPC Los Angeles Report. For the complete picture of this jurisdiction, download the report from the IMI website.

‘Parties who play an active role in resolving disputes are a feature of commercial DR in Los Angeles. Lawyers as advisors are highly valued, as are providers who can think outside the box. Early intervention strategies, such as conflict coaching and early case assessment, are becoming increasingly popular due to their capacity to facilitate timely and cost-effective solutions.

Despite the growing appetite for ADR, an adversarial mindset remains entrenched and there is a sense in some quarters that ADR is not a serious option.  Effective communication about the full range of DR processes available to parties is seen as key to realizing Los Angeles’ desire to embed ADR within the commercial landscape. Continuing education for the legal sector, business sector, and the wider community is a major priority for those promoting the uptake of ADR practices.’

GPC Los Angeles Report

3 Strengths

  1. Skilled, proactive practitioners with subject expertise
  2. Adaptable and flexible processes, including non-adversarial options
  3. Lawyers and providers who can bridge wide gaps in parties’ understanding

3 Limitations

  1. Expense and complexity of arbitration
  2. Misuse of mediation as means of discovery
  3. Parties not informed about the range of DR processes available to them

3 Priorities

  1. Building DR knowledge and skills for the legal profession and the general community through awareness campaigns, educational programs, volunteer-led community mediation and advertising for DR services
  2. Building stronger links between ADR practitioners and lawyers through State Bar Associations and professional development events
  3. Examining barriers to justice such as the expense and complexity of arbitration and the misuse of mediation

GPC Los Angeles Report

Where can I become IMI Certified near Los Angeles?

IMI Certification is the international gold standard for mediation worldwide. Read about the benefits here.

IMI Qualifying Assessment Programs near Los Angeles are JAMS Los Angeles, Century City, Orange, Irvine, Inland Empire, and Sandiego, and the American Arbitration Association San Diego. (JAMS’ QAP is open to JAMS mediators only.) Find other nearby programs here.

The complete suite of North American reports includes:

  • The GPC Austin Report
  • The GPC Baltimore Report
  • The GPC Los Angeles Report
  • The GPC Miami Report
  • The GPC New York Report
  • The GPC San Francisco Report
  • The GPC Toronto Report

Culminating in the final comparative report:

  • The GPC North America Report

Clear features of each city who hosted a GPC event have become apparent – and similarities and differences between jurisdictions have surfaced. Distinct and actionable recommendations in relation to the findings have emerged. These recommendations have the potential to make a significant impact on the future of commercial DR in North America.

All the reports will be made available on the IMI website.

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