Upcoming event: NUJS Mediation Competition

IMI is glad to be a Supporting Organisation for the upcoming NUJS Mediation Competition, starting in Kolkata India in late February.

Event details

2nd NUJS Mediation Competition

The 2nd NUJS Mediation Competition offers the perfect platform for law students to test their mediating and negotiating acumen and hone their skills in the same. The multiple workshops, conclave and panel discussions being conducted as a part of the event gives a unique opportunity to the participants to gain valuable real life insight about mediation. With invitations to eminent dignitaries and professionals in the field of ADR both in India and abroad, the competition promises to provide the participants with a once in a lifetime chance of getting to network with the brightest legal luminaries and develop their connections.

Description provided by NUJS

Contact persons

Alok Agrawal and Rishi Nandkeolyar, adrsoc@nujs.edu

Laura Skillen

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