Upcoming webinar on co-mediation in intercultural contexts

Free upcoming webinar on co-mediation and intercultural collaboration with Lee Wai Pong and Jonathan Lux. Register below!

  • What are the advantages of co-mediation, particularly in intercultural contexts?
  • What does this mean for time and costs?
  • How can co-mediation help emerge nuance and lead to improved discussions and outcomes?
  • Managing simultaneous private sessions

See also: the IMI Intercultural Competency Criteria; blog post “Co-mediation in a cross-border context

Lee Wai Pong has extensive seafaring and commercial maritime dispute resolution experience, and has been working with senior personnel in commercial, legal and regulatory circles for the past 30 years. He is based in Singapore.

Jonathan Lux is an IMI Certified Mediator based in the UK. After nearly 40 years in commercial law, he made the leap to mediation some 15 years ago and has been working in the field since.


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