Upcoming Event: CIArb’s Mediation Symposium 2020

IMI are delighted to be a media partner for CIArb’s upcoming Mediation Symposium 2020, on “Mediation as a multidisciplinary practice”. The keynote address is going to be delivered by none other than long-standing IMI Board Member George Lim SC. Find out more details below, or on CIArb’s website, here.

“The 13th Mediation Symposium will focus on the theme of ‘multidisciplinarity’.

7 December 2020
09:35-16:35 GMT

Mediation is a valuable form of dispute resolution. The mediator plays a crucial role in enabling the parties to understand the issues that separate them with a view to coming to a settlement. Consequently, the mediator needs to have discrete intellectual and professional skills in order to facilitate a mediation. As complexity increases and the nature of disputes evolve, one question that arises is what disciplines may support the work of a mediator. Might an increased awareness of law, psychology or sociology enable the mediator to enrich the mediation, or indeed should mediators practice in specialist themes and the discipline be combined with other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) areas such as arbitration.

The day will draw together presentations and deliberations around ‘multidisciplinarity’ and the skills and practice of mediation. Although targeted at practitioners, this flagship event will also be of interest to academics, lawyers, politicians and the judiciary as well as business leaders with an interest in the developing world of mediation.


(*Please note that this programme is subject to change)

  • 9.35am – 10.00am      Welcome address