New IMI Certified Mediator Training Program: Academy Mediation & Negotiation (Toolkit Company)

Academy Mediation & Negotiation, part of Toolkit Company, has had its training program approved as an IMI Certified Mediator Training Program. Retrospective recognition is in place for graduates from 1 November 2019, and this program has been approved to exceptionally take place online during the COVID-19 pandemic according to the IMI’s clarifications over online training during the pandemic.

Certified Mediator Training Programs (CMTPs) deliver high-quality mediator training that meets the international standards established by the International Mediation Institute and is recognized by intergovernmental standard-setting bodies, such as the CEPEJ. These standards are independent measures of quality and are created in consultation with stakeholders and practitioners around the world under the guidance of IMI Task Forces.

Consequently, individuals who successfully complete their CMTP will be eligible to become IMI Qualified Mediators should they choose to apply for such recognition with IMI and may benefit from joining the Young Mediators Initiative, including the IMI-YMI Mentorship Framework.

Toolkit Company delivers training in:

  • EU (English)
  • Netherlands (Dutch)
  • Switzerland (English)
  • Belgium (Dutch)
  • Greece (Greek)

About Academy Mediation & Negotiation

In all Toolkit Company trainings, the latest insights from neuroscience, second generation negotiation teaching and the newest ADR developments are included. Besides offering specialized in-house training, Toolkit Company develops training materials for other professional training organizations.

View Toolkit Company’s approved CMTP here.

For more information and how to register, please visit the following pages in their website

Congratulations to Academy Mediation & Negotiation!

IMI Certified Mediator Training Programs, or CMTPs, meet international competency criteria for mediation training excellence. Individuals who complete CMTPs are able to become recognised as ‘IMI Qualified Mediators’. CMTPs can be searched here.

As of June 2021, IMI decided to recognize training delivered in part or entirely online as meeting the standards required of IMI CMTPs. Therefore, the Training Criteria now applies equally to programs that deliver training in-person, in hybrid formats, and online. View IMI’s training criteria.

The minimum standards for training that IMI has set has been accepted by the European Commission for Efficiency of Justice – “CEPEJ“ as the minimum European standard (and indirectly by the EU which accepts and looks onto Council of Europe standards – please see and the Memorandum of Understanding between the Council of Europe and the European Union). As such, IMI is the only organisation in the world whose standards have been adopted by an intergovernmental standard-setting organisation.

IMI is the only organisation in the world that transcends local jurisdictions to develop global, professional standards for mediators and advocates involved in collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation.

Interested in having your organisation’s training or assessment program appraised against IMI’s international standards? See how to Register a Program here.

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