Tribute to Thierry Garby

“Que son souvenir soit une bénédiction.” (May his memory be a blessing.)

Claude Amar, Partner at Mediation & Resolution

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Thierry Garby, a leading international mediator, mediation trainer and thought leader and one of France’s finest mediation specialists.

We share here the link to the online condolence book

During his career as an attorney at the Paris bar, dealing mainly with international litigation and arbitration, Thierry studied, practiced and started teaching negotiation. He became a mediator in 1998 and it took only two years for him to leave the legal profession and take the leap to become a full-time mediator and trainer. He was certified by the International Mediation Institute and the Institut français pour la certification des médiateurs.

He was the founder of the UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres, which brings together mediators and managers of mediation centres from around the world, and of the Académie de la médiation, a French thinktank dedicated to the promotion of mediation.

He served as a member of the IMI Independent Standards Commission and authored several books on conflict management, negotiation and mediation, such as “Agreed! Negotiation/mediation in the 21st century” published by the International Chamber of Commerce. He trained negotiators and mediators across the world through Bars and law societies, universities, international organisations, chambers of commerce and mediation institutions. He is the founder of Resolvers, a company specializing in teaching negotiation and mediation as well as providing mediation services. He was likewise a mediator with the World Bank Group and the United Nations and a Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators.

IMI Certified Mediator Adeline Guilhen shared with us her 2018 interview “Thierry Garby… what if…?“, conducted with Thierry during the ICC mediation competition. His favorite word? “Jubilation“. His favorite quotation? “Hallelujah“!

The mediation world will miss his gregarious, generous personality, dedication and skill.

The International Mediation Institute extends its sincere condolences to Thierry’s family and friends and gratitude for his outstanding contribution in furthering mediation and mediation standards worldwide.

5 thoughts on “Tribute to Thierry Garby”

  1. Victoria Liouta

    Deepest condolences for the loss of an experienced mediator, good friend and mentor. The mediation community has lost a great mind in mediation.

  2. I am so sad that Thierry is no longer with us
    Being a friend was an honour and being in his company was always a wonderful experience
    He will be badly missed by all who appreciated his humour intelligence and gregarious nature

    Condolences to his family
    Joe Behan (Ireland)

  3. What a terrible loss! I met Thierry in the early 2000s in one of the World Forums of Mediation Centers, and he immediately inspired me with trust, professionalism, joie de vivre, and a great sense of justice and seriousness.
    Our professional lives have crossed over and over again in various countries around the world, where I have also had the honor of being close to him during some crucial moments for mediation.
    He was a mentor to me and I had the real pleasure to have him inserted as a mediator within the international Panel of mediators of my ADR Company CONCILIA.
    I will always remember him like a raging river, a multifaceted man full of life. It was a pleasure and an honor to meet him.
    Ora riposa in pace amico mio!

  4. Cher Thierry,
    je ne suis pas du genre “sentimental”. j’ai reçu aujoud’hui un message Linkedin “Congratulate Thierry Garby and 2 others for work” et suite à cela après une recherche sur Google (“tiens, comment va Thierry ces jours-ci ?”) , j’ai appris ton décès, il y a de cela un mois déjà. Permets-moi de continuer en Anglais pour que tout un chacun le comprenne.
    Dear Thierry,
    I am not the sentimental kind of person, but today, after being informed by “chance”, (if you may call this “chance”), that you passed away one month ago, I am really chocked and so is Brigitte.
    We met for the first time in Bordeaux, at the AIJA congress in 1984. We symphaticised immediately. Afterwards, we met not only at all the other AIJA congresses but also in-between in Paris, in Belgium, in Knokke, at the Belgian sea-side, during the best week-end ever, with better than Côte d’Azur temperatures, in Le Touquet, etc.
    It’s sad that only the members of the Academy Française are “immortals”. Some “mortals” should also benefit of this favour and you should have been one of them. For us, you remain “immortal” in our thoughts. It was a pleasure and a real privilege to have known you as a real Friend.
    My condolences for all those who love(d) you, Helena, and your children.
    RIP my dear Friend. Life isn’t always fair but we know you had a good life, and this counts more than the number of years.
    Brigitte and Karel MUL

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