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Constantin-Adi Gavrila
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IMI Support
Feedback digest by IMI Support, 23 Aug 2018 Reviewer: Scott Adams, Specialist Ombudsman, Office of the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) for IFC and MIGA ( This Feedback Digest has been updated to include 5 feedback forms since November 2013. Mr. Gavrila regularly collects written feedback from his clients and uses a standard feedback form. He has revised his feedback forms to make them more user-friendly and increase response rate. He now gives the form to the parties at the time of signing the agreement to mediate instead of the end of the mediation. Mr. Gavrila primarily mediates family and commercial disputes. Clients continue to note that Mr. Gavrila helps parties find solutions, that he understands each party's needs, and that he is "professional", "well-informed", and "patient". His clients consistently note that they would recommend mediation to others and use mediation again themselves. Clients also give positive feedback on Mr. Gavrila’s ability to help facilitate communication and develop options. He was perceived as treating all sides fairly and impartially. Clients have described Mr. Gavrila as “serious”, “calm”, "prompt", "neutral", "impartial", providing "good analysis of the case", and helping with "facilitation of brainstorming". All respondents rate themselves as "happy" or "very happy" with Mr. Gavrila's mediations. No reportable negative comments have arisen in party feedback on Mr. Gavrila.
This feedback digest was last updated 7 April 2015.
by IMI Support, 23 May 2022

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