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Elise Groulx Diggs
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Elise is intent on increasing her mediation practice in the field of BHR focusing on inter- corporations, multi-party conflicts relative to labor, environmental and human rights issues.

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Elizabeth Corte
Feedback digest by Elizabeth Corte, 13 Jul 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on 20 pieces of feedback received pursuant to 20 mediations. All feedback was submitted during the month of December 2016. The mediations for which feedback was submitted pertain to many different subjects and situations and provide a wide range of comments regarding the mediator. The mediations successfully addressed a variety of different issues including resolving personal conflicts as well as rifts between lawyers working together, redressing relationships among work colleagues or collaborating organisations and bringing together interest groups from different backgrounds and countries, all of which required dealing with a broad range of personalities and perspectives in numerous challenging circumstances. The variety of these mediations reflect the capability of Ms Groulx Diggs to master the underlining subject matters, and to adapt her skills as a mediator to the situation at hand. Many of the mediations submitted were politically charged adding to their degree of difficulty. A wide range of mediation skills emerged from the feedback received, wherein many insisted on the following qualities demonstrated by Ms Groulx Diggs: -her keen listening skills that enabled her to understand the issue at hand quickly and completely; -her engagement in the process and the importance to her of ensuring that all parties were heard and that their needs were recognised, as well as ensuring their continued participation in the process; -her patience and the extent to which she was generous with her time in order to arrive at a solution agreeable to all; -her strength in being able to bring people/organisations/groups together and create strong partnerships. Ms Groulx Diggs was also described as having a very dynamic personality and sound judgement that proved to be pivotal in many mediations. Certain situations were described as fraught with tension, which she was able to control and resolve in a calm and professional manner. She is described as strategic, conscious of human psychology, respectful of different positions and particularly talented in bringing the parties to understand the origin of the conflict and their common interest in resolving it. It is to be noted that certain mediations concerned complex agreements at the international level. The feedback mentioned above relates to mediations held over the course of the past 15 years, spanning a wide range of subject matters and issues with numerous different types of participants from various backgrounds, all of which demonstrate the tremendous versatility and resourcefulness of Ms Groulx Diggs as a mediator in the mandates she has accepted and executed. All those giving feedback highly recommend Ms Groulx Diggs as a mediator. Even if the mediations they witnessed or in which they participated were quite different, all praised her as effective, caring and the extent to which she was intent on the task at hand. No negative comments were made. Élizabeth Corte Judge Cour du Québec Québec Canada January 6th, 2017.
This feedback digest was last updated 19 January 2017.
by Elizabeth Corte, 22 Sep 2021

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