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Federico Antich
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Mr. Antich is truly passionate about Mediation. He offers a distinctive Italian style where sound ingenuity, technical skills and ethical rigor go hand in hand to maximize the benefits of a productive dialogue.

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Michael McIlwrath
Feedback digest by Michael McIlwrath, 20 Jul 2018 Federico Antich is one of Italy’s most experienced and known mediators, having begun mediating professionally in 1999, more than a decade before the country started to embrace mediation. His reputation as a mediation pioneer in the Tuscan region cannot be understated. Nature of experience. Federico’s biographical information states that he has mediated more than 5,000 cases under the rules of different institutions since 1999. Although not independently verified in the course of preparing this digest, the number is credible considering that it includes high-volume consumer cases in addition to B2B disputes and Federico’s reputation in the Italian bar and with domestic dispute resolution institutions. The consumer cases appear largely to be disputes between Italian telecom companies and their consumers. Basis of Feedback Digest. This digest synthesizes feedback from the counsel for 10 parties, all from mediations Federico conducted in 2015. All were disputes between consumers and telecom companies, and in all cases Federico was appointed by an institution rather than by agreement of the parties. Notably, the forms were completed by representatives of companies or consumer associations who hold positions of responsibility for mediating disputes, i.e., experienced specialists possessing an acute ability to assess a mediator’s competency. Respondents were not timid about sharing their views of Federico’s skills. Indeed, they were equally candid in sharing information about the appointing institutions, about which most were less enthusiastic, enhancing the credibility and quality of the positive feedback about Federico. General observation. The feedback conveys broad confidence in a mediator whose high degree of professionalism and personal integrity combine with regulatory domain expertise to make him a reliable appointment by institutions. All respondents gave the highest possible marks regarding their overall satisfaction with the mediation process in which Federico was appointed as mediator. Personal attributes. Multiple respondents identified the highest levels of professionalism and personal integrity as characteristics that set Federico apart. A few elaborated further by citing qualities of neutrality, transparency with the parties, and confidentiality. Mediation style. Although Federico’s biographical information does not provide information about his preferred methods for mediating disputes, aspects of his style emerge clearly from the feedback. The image that emerges is one of a mediator who is actively engaged with the parties and the process, works with them to identify opportunities to settle, and who can capably provide parties with a sense of the probable litigation scenarios that will unfold if they do not. One critical comment received from the representative of a regional consumer association stated that Federico has a “forceful personality that may discourage a party from freely expressing their views.” It should be noted, however, that this same respondent gave the highest possible rating to their overall satisfaction with the mediation process and provided other, highly positive remarks about Federico’s capabilities. After stating they would appoint Federico again and recommend him to others, this respondent observed that “Federico’s skills made the difference and positively influenced the result. He knows the mediated subject very well, and he played a proactive role during the discussion.” Soft skills. Several respondents complimented Federico for his problem solving and negotiation skills, which they said contributed to the successful outcomes of their disputes. Multiple respondents commented on Federico’s personable style in the way he engages with the parties. One noted that he “keeps in mind the human side” of the process, aiming to help the parties “reach the maximum satisfaction of their needs.” Although all respondents described an approach that is both facilitative and collaborative, several appreciated his ability to reality-check parties by drawing attention to likely future litigation scenarios. Domain expertise. As the feedback for this digest comes from mediations of disputes between telecom companies and consumers, it is not surprising that several respondents would point to Federico’s knowledge of the applicable regulatory framework and the Italian court system as important contributors to a settlement. Notably, these comments were made by counsel on both the company and consumer sides of the disputes. The nature of this domain expertise should be readily applicable to other types of disputes, especially cases where the parties face commercial litigation in the event of not settling. International and domestic capabilities. Although all of the feedback was provided from domestic cases, the comments suggest Federico possesses the qualities and highest level of skills and sensitivities that should be equally applicable to non-Italian or international disputes. As one respondent aptly commented, he has the ability to help parties “find agreement even in the most complex disputes.” Just as he is regarded as a safe bet by the many institutions in Italy which repeatedly appoint him, he could be expected to sensibly handle cross-border commercial disputes.
This feedback digest was last updated 18 September 2016.
by Michael McIlwrath, 21 Jul 2024
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