Francois Bogacz

Mediator, business executive, co-founder of Convirgente, Portugal.

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Isabel De Botton
Feedback digest by Isabel De Botton, 13 Jul 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on fourteen feedbacks in seven mediations initially submitted on January 2009. The feedback reports came from companies and parties who saw François mediating. The feedback from the above sources was extremely positive and underlined the following key strengths: • Providing always clear and detailed information about the process and related rules before and during mediation; • Fair and impartial manner of conducting mediation, allowing parties to express themselves; • At ease with the different cultures in the room, with a very high level of understanding and taking into account the participants’ personal characteristics and needs; • A natural sense of humor, patience, and calm, helping to create an adequate ambiance to facilitate a better communication between the parties. The feedback also underlines that François puts a special emphasis on the preparation phase of mediations, which has been very much appreciated by the respective parties and their counsels. He has been rated at Performance Level 5 by parties who also recommended him in future cases. No reportable negative comments have arisen.
This feedback digest was last updated 25 February 2012.
by Isabel De Botton, 20 Sep 2020