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Maria Sclafani
Feedback digest by Maria Sclafani, 31 Jul 2018 This Feedback digest summarizes feedback from 15 attorneys in thirteen mediations covering a wide variety of disputes, for which George Gluck served as mediator. George was consistently rated at the highest level (5) for his skill and ability as a mediator and most respondents indicated a high likelihood that they would appoint him for a future mediation. Without exception, the respondents indicated that they would recommend him as a mediator to others. George was rated very highly for both his demeanor and mediating style as well as for his substantive skills. One respondent commented upon his “excellent skills at interpreting and construing contracts” and another noted his "experience in corporate law". It was also observed that George “focused upon the economic reality of the case and how settlement would be in everyone’s best interest. It worked.” Others commented upon his ability to effectively explain the respective positions of the parties to the principals. One attorney noted that George exhibits both fairness and balance and was “instrumental in bringing the parties together” in a case where counsel “did not feel that a settlement would be reached as the parties were so far apart…” This was because George was able to point out the strengths and weaknesses of the parties’ positions and “make each of the parties more realistic about its demands”. Similarly, another attorney noted that "his candor in assessment " of the case made a difference in the positive outcome of the mediation. When asked to identify the skills that made a decisive difference to the outcome, one respondent wrote: “Success is the best indicator of Mr. Gluck’s ability as a mediator. None of the parties or counsel thought that the case could be settled and yet we all walked away with a settlement.” This comment is consistent with another response, which identified George’s tenacity and dedication to the process as significantly contributing to a positive outcome. There were no negative comments or assessments. Maria Sclafani ADR Case Administrator United States District Court-SDNY
This feedback digest was last updated 27 February 2017.
by Maria Sclafani, 20 Jul 2024
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