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Manon Schonewille
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Very experienced Internationally recognised Business Mediator from The Netherlands. Well regarded among peers, lawyers, and clients alike. Acting on a range of disputes from commercial to work-place related matters, in particularly also in cross-border and intercultural settings.

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Prof Dr. Albert Verheij
IMI Certified Mediator – IMI Mediation Advocate by Prof Dr. Albert Verheij, 21 Feb 2023 Manon Schonewille is well regarded among peers, lawyers, and clients alike. Acting on a range of disputes from commercial to work-place related matters, in particularly also in cross-border settings.
Disputants and lawyers who work with Manon often mention that she is pro-active and a committed mediator with superior communication skills, great at relationship building and who swiftly gains the trust of the participants in the mediation. She uses her creative mediation style to guide parties to find new solutions or new routes for resolution to reach a practical outcome.
Since 2014 WWL consistently includes her in the category ‘… leading professionals’ and portrayed her as:
“Manon Schonewille is a prominent name in the mediation space. She has particular expertise in contractual disputes and collaboration issues.” (2020).
“.. Manon Schonewille is a “standout” in the Netherlands say sources who note she has “an easy style and is very on top of things”. (2021)
“Regarded as a “serious name in the industry’ Manon Schonewille stands out as a source of innovative thoughts, which she uses in her commercial disputes” (2022)
Manon Schonewille has consistently been rated at a very high performance-level regarding the effectiveness of her skills for the mediations that she conducted (based on feedback forms dating back from 2009 to 2022). In addition to that, parties and legal counsels reported a high degree of satisfaction with the outcome and process and the majority would engage (and some reported to have used) her services again and would recommend her to others. No negative comments were made.
Her approach is described as an outcome-focused and mixed mediation style, which she flexibly adapts to the party’s needs, in particularly in intercultural disputes. I have been able to observe this myself in practice. Also mentioned is her ability to help parties to prioritize their interests and issues and to help them explore and find common ground. Manon is described as firm, and directive on the process while maintaining a good working relationship with the parties. In this respect her ability to assist the participants to appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of their circumstances without imposing or being judgmental was mentioned.
Feedback indicates that a characteristic is Manon’s breadth of experience in mediation which gives her an extraordinary ability to identify and help solve her clients' problems.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs, and interests were reviewed and discussed as part of preparing this Feedback Digest and a CPD plan is in place.
This feedback digest was last updated 29 January 2023. Based on 24 cases.
Prepared by Prof. Dr. Albert Verheij
IMI Mediation Advocacy Feedback Digest
All clients endorsed or attested that Manon Schonewille has exhibited the skills of a Mediation Advocate / Advisor as identified in the IMI Core Competencies, in particular the following characteristics were mentioned: good communicator, reliable, ’smart' strategist, very committed, drive and knows how to build bridges between the client and the other side.
Clients comment that they would engage her as mediation advocate again and would positively recommend her to others. In all cases reviewed Manon Schonewille was appointed through a positive recommendation of a colleague, lawyer, client or mediator. Clients also reported that during the mediation process most of the issues were resolved.
Skills and expertise of Manon Schonewille that were reported to have made a difference during the mediation are:
• her ability to use several negotiation approaches (including interest-based or more positional as part of tit-for-tat),
• supporting the client to arrive in the mediation thoroughly prepared, as well as her
• ability to engage and communicate with the mediator as well as the other side.
The skill most often mentioned is creative thinking and facilitating the client and the other party to find unexpected mutual gain solutions. Also the fact was mentioned that clients appreciate that she thinks ahead about details and practical implications for follow-up and the implementation stage (especially also while drafting settlement agreements) and in this way ensuring that the agreements made can be implemented and adhered to.
Last updated 29 January 2023, based on 5 cases
Prepared by Prof. Dr. Albert Verheij
by Prof Dr. Albert Verheij, 21 Jul 2024
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