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Róisín OShea
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Dr Róisín O’Shea has significant experience as a mediator completing hundreds of cases both face-to-face and online since 2009.

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Erickson Mediation Institute
Feedback Digest by Erickson Mediation Institute, 21 Apr 2022 This review is conducted based on actual proven feedback from clients:
All feedbacks received were very positive about Roisin's work as a mediator. Feedback described her as skilled, professional, respectful, neutral, compassionate, helpful, understanding, impartial, diplomatic and calm. The feedback reports talk about her skills in managing both the process and the personalities involved, that she listened and built rapport and demonstrated exceptional problem solving abilities. One party described Roisin as having outstanding skills and showing enormous patience, empathy and having a formidable intellect. Another party described Roisin as an extremely thoughtful person, really clear, organised and reliable. A Party who spoke of successfully reaching an agreement, noted that he felt that Roisin as a mediator was personally invested in ensuring that both parties felt supported and happy with the final outcome. Feedback noted Roisin's ability to identify the issues and a party described Roisin as talented in identifying crux issues and pursuing those diligently, while remaining cool headed throughout and always focussed. All parties who provided feedback said that they would use this mediator again.
by Erickson Mediation Institute, 6 Feb 2023

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