2020 Vision

2020 Vision – Where in the world will Mediation be in ten years?

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Where will mediation be in 10 years time?
Will it still be a field, a movement, an occupation, a hobby?
Or will its market, by then, perceive it as a truly independent profession?
Can mediation’s stakeholders realistically exert a significant positive influence on the future?

As we start the second decade of the 21st Century, a ‘glocal’ debate is about to begin on the progression of mediation over the medium term.  We invite you to participate and share your own vision and practical ideas.

Share your ideas and send comments here, and let us know how you would like to participate.

The following are a selection of developing discussions and comments received in response to the article published in November 2010.

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General Comments

“With the cost of both litigation & arbitration so high, mediation will be the key, not only in 10 years, but NOW!”

Harvey Haber

“Congratulations on the article published at mediate.com! It is useful, insightful and thought provoking.”

J. Arthur Vasconcelos

“I think that in 10 years mediation will be stronger, more consolidated, well seated and it will be used more. The growth and popularity of mediation in the last years is a proof that it is increasing its influence in more places of the world and in more fields.  As well, through the years the people are more acquainted to mediation, recognize as a very important ADR method and are more prone to use it. In 10 years, all this could be more and bigger.

To say that mediation could be a hobby is not so appropriate; not only because of the reasons allowed in the lines before but also because is something useful to live in community. This is why the lawyers and the society take mediation as an occupation each day more. As well, in some places –like in Colombia- there are professionals that dedicate only to mediation although is still a field that has so much to explore. But if we push and encourage working for and in mediation, certainly in 10 years could be truly an independent profession.

Finally, the role of the mediator is essential not only from the perspective of each case that is resolved thought this ADR method. The important task that mediators achieve transcends the parties to the society, enacting the culture of resolving disputes peacefully and, from there, to the different circles of the community to embrace different ways to solve conflicts. To the extent that mediators are aware of this, there will be a work of positioning and strengthening of the mediation; otherwise mediators and all the people that work in mediation can make a real damage.”

Rafael Guillermo Bernal Gutierrez
Center for Arbitration and Conciliation of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá

“One concern that I do have is an exclusive focus on the top end of mediator practice. Whilst I strongly believe that there is a necessity for the profes