IMI Launch Inter-Cultural Competency Certification Criteria

The Inter-Cultural Taskforce of the IMI Independent Standards Commission (ISC), has completed its development work on Criteria for the IMI Inter-Cultural Competency Certification of Mediators.

This follows a series of in-depth meetings and trials spanning more than a year which was part funded by the General Electric Foundation.  It involved a public consultation and testing of the criteria at pilot programs held in Paris, Brisbane and Singapore during 2011.  Experienced mediators and trainers from across the globe have had an active and direct input into this important initiative.

IMI Inter-Cultural Certification will be available to any experienced mediator who is qualified by an Inter-Cultural Qualifying Assessment Program (ICQAP) that has been approved by the ISC as meeting the Criteria.

Training, professional and provider organisations are now invited to submit ICQAPs to the ISC to enable them to assess mediators for their mastery of inter-cultural dynamics and to qualify them for IMI Inter-Cutural Certification. For information on becoming an ICQAP please click here.

Once approved, ICQAPs will be displayed here. This will enable mediators to contact ICQAPs directly.

IMI is grateful to the members of IMI Inter-Cultural Taskforce for their tireless work over the past year in creating, refining and testing of the criteria, and to mediators, educators and other professionals who submitted comments on the draft Criteria and/or participated in the Inter-Cultural Pilot Programs.

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