Shell’s Vice President, International Organisations, joins the IMI Board

August 1, 2012

Doug McKay, Vice President International Organisations at Shell International has been appointed to the IMI Board.  Mr McKay is responsible for Shell’s relationships and programs with key international organisations. Mr McKay, a Canadian, who has a business not a legal background, commented:

“I am very pleased to join the Board of IMI and hope to continue the strong contributions made by my predecessor Ute Joas Quinn. The work of IMI is important to Shell as we address increasingly complex relationships around our projects, at both the local and global level.”

Ute Joas Quinn, Chair of the IMI Board who has recently become Associate General Counsel at Hess Services UK Ltd. leading legal upstream operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia/Caspian warmly welcomed Mr McKay’s appointment:

“As IMI Chair I am particularly pleased to welcome Doug McKay to the IMI Board.  As the Board’s first nonlawyer and as a highly respected businessman within and outside of Shell, Doug brings a fresh new perspective on conflict management and relationship building which optimally aligns with the IMI Vision and Mission to catapult mediation and other consensual conflict resolution mindsets to the forefront of business, community and other societal engagements.  IMI is honored by the continued strong support of Shell and other multinational organizations to put Users in control of managing and resolving their own conflicts through the use of sound, practical, transparent and above all top quality systems and expertise like professional mediation which accomplish this objective.”

Doug McKay’s appointment takes effect on August 1, 2012.

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