Time for Another Big Bang in Alternative Dispute Resolution: The World Needs a Global Pound Conference

ADR is sleepwalking globally. It needs to be shaken out of its slumber. There is a way to do it. A truly Global Pound Conference!

Although modern mediation originated during America’s Great Depression in the 1930s as a way of resolving chronic family, employment and industrial relations conflicts, it did not start to gain recognition until after the 1976 Pound Conference.

The 1976 Pound Conference was the Big Bang that ignited the explosion of new ideas that kick-started mediation. In many respects, the explosion was fostered in the U.S. by increasing costs of litigation and delays in judicial resolution.

Today we have reached the point where mediation, throughout the world, needs another kick-start to re-fire the engine of growth, a Global Pound Conference on the Causes and Remedies of Popular Dissatisfaction with Cross-Border Dispute Resolution. This kick-start needs to occur before litigation expenses reach breaking point, but this time on a global scale…[more]

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