Day Three Of The NLIU-INADR ILSMT: The End

After a night of fun, the participants and judges were all set to kick off the last set of preliminary rounds for day three of the 7th edition of NLIU-INADR ILSMT on 25 November 2018. The judges and participants tackled a dispute involving a religious sect’s ritualistic animal sacrifice, which the community opposed. The focal challenge was in the capability of the participants to strike a fine balance between not undermining religious sentiments while ensuring community health and safety.

The participants eagerly awaited the results which, for some, could be the golden ticket to the finals. During the wait, Dr. Kimberly SchrieberCezary Rogula and John James Samuel held a workshop titled “You Have No Idea How Much You Mediate Everyday”. In the workshop, the judges delved into some lesser-known mediation techniques which could help inexperienced mediators find amicable and advantageous solutions in daily life. The judges explained the importance of understanding the intricacies of disputes and devised methods for dealing with any kind of adversary. The workshop concluded with the announcement of teams that qualified to the finals.

The finals were comprised of two sets of negotiation rounds. The rounds were based on a dispute between two reputed cardiologists that cost one of them his job in a very prestigious hospital. The first set of the final mediation rounds was judged by a panel constituting of Tom Valenti, Kimberly Schrieber and R.S. Rathore. The claimants in this round were the Government Law College of Mumbai and the respondents were the Symbiosis Law School of Pune, mediated by West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences of Kolkata and