Call for feedback – “IMI Accreditation”

In January of this year, IMI launched the possibility for organisations to have their training programs recognised as meeting the high international standards established by IMI’s independent expert taskforce. These programs are known as ‘Certified Mediator Training Programs’ (CMTPs), and people who successfully complete such a program are to be known as ‘IMI Accredited’. The objective is to embed high quality standards into mediation at different stages of one’s mediation career, whether they have just completed training, or are already highly experienced.

IMI AccreditationPeople who have successfully completed high-quality trainingIMI Certified Mediator Training Programs
IMI CertificationExperienced mediators who have completed at least 200 hours’/20 mediations, and have been assessed as meeting the highest level of international practice.IMI Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP)

Only IMI QAPs can assess people as ‘IMI Certified’, and only CMTPs can train people to become ‘IMI Accredited’. Organisations can be both QAPs and CMTPs, and individuals can be both IMI Accredited and Certified as they progress in their mediation career.

We currently have a number of organisations who have submitted their programs to become acknowledged as ‘Certified Mediator Training Programs’. These presently cover the following geographies, with more news coming shortly:

  • Czechia
  • India
  • Israel
  • Kenya
  • Spain
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • The US (international via online training)

However, we have also had some feedback that the terms ‘IMI Accredited’ and ‘IMI Certified’ are confusing, and we would like to take this opportunity to gather your thoughts, before the first CMTP ‘graduates’ come online. The below feedback form is open until June 20, and we will be discussing the results at IMI’s upcoming annual face-to-face Board meeting.

Thank you for your time and valuable consideration.

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