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Based on feedback and with a view to enhancing navigability, we have made some changes to the main menu of our website. You will see that ‘Practitioners’ has been replaced with ‘Individuals’, and ‘QAPs’ and ‘Training’ have been replaced with ‘Organisations’. All information for individuals can now be found under the ‘individuals’ menu, and all information for organisations under the ‘organisations’ menu. The ‘YMI’ menu, for IMI’s Young Mediators’ Initiative, remains separate.

We have also switched the order of items a little, with ‘Find a Mediator’ still highlighted and in the most eye-catching position.

Layout of the new menu

All information about certifying, becoming a QAP or CMTP, criteria etc remains the same.

You also may have noticed that the ‘My IMI’ menu has recently been updated to have a more user-friendly interface:

Updated ‘My IMI’ menu (does not apply to mobile devices)

From here you can quickly edit or view your profile, check on your ‘Reviews’ (Feedback Digest) where applicable, view your present contribution subscriptions and past payments, access website help, and connect your social media to simplify login (‘Social Connect’).

In other news, those of you who have recently logged in may have noticed that you now have a ‘forums’ tab on your IMI profile. We are currently in testing phases and will shortly be rolling this functionality out. People with an IMI login will be able to collaborate, ask questions, give feedback, and share learnings in their field and regions. Further news will be forth-coming, and you will see a new ‘Forums’ item in the menu in the very near future.

Sneak preview of the IMI forums

You will use the forums using your existing IMI login, which will draw attention to your profile. Please email Laura if you are interested in testing the forums prior to official release.

What do you think? What else can we do to improve usability, and our service to you? We welcome your comments and feedback, and encourage you to share your thoughts below or email us with your opinions.

A reminder that we are still seeking feedback on the terminology ‘IMI Accredited’. The survey is open until June 20. Share your views here.

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