Interview with Deborah Masucci about the Singapore Convention

Natalie Armstrong-Motin of Marketing Resolution recently interviewed IMI Board Co-Chair Deborah Masucci about her career and the upcoming Singapore Convention on the Enforceability of Mediated Settlement. Find the full video and transcript below.

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  • DM – Deborah Masucci
  • NA – Natalie Armstrong

Interview transcript

NA: Hello everyone. Thanks again for joining me on the Marketing Resolution YouTube channel. Today I have speaking with me Deborah Masucci from New York. Hello Deb. How are you?

DM: Wonderful. How are you?

NA: I’m doing really well. Thanks so much for joining the program today. I love chatting with you. You’re so passionate about what you do.

DM: Well I’ve spent a good 30 years – and I don’t like to publicize it – but a good 30 years in the in the area of dispute resolution.

NA: That’s one of the reasons I like talking to you so much – it makes me feel young. I’ve ‘only’ been doing this for 25 years. In our industry, that makes us the old gals.

DM: Yes, no gray hair.

NA: No, no, no, no. I have a little Christmas tinsel. But no grey hair.

NA: I was hoping that today you could introduce yourself a little bit. Tell everyone who’s watching a little bit about who you are, what you do, where you do it. Give us a bit of insight about your practice if you could. And then I want to jump right into some really fascinating content that you’ve written about recently.

DM: Great.

NA: Would you introduce us to your practice?

1:27 – 3:54

DM: So, as I said, I’ve been working in the field of dispute resolution for over 30 years. I started in the securities industry, where I led their dispute resolution program handling customer fraud claims as well as misrepresentation and other types of securities claims. I then moved into working for a provider – which was JAMS – and JAMS at the time was just a California-based company. Today it’s a global provider. Doing that, I moved into the area of commercial disputes and then for 10 years I worked for a global insurance company named AIG, where I developed their dispute resolution program. In doing that, I put together for them a digest for mediators and arbitrators globally, worked with them on training initiatives as well as created business intelligence about mediation and arbitration.

DM: Throughout my career I’ve also taught – I’ve been an adjunct at Brooklyn Law School where I headed the dispute resolution program, Cardozo and most recently at Fordham Law School. I have also taught in business – I am co-Dean of the Claims and Litigation Management Association’s Mediation Advoca