Signees of the Singapore Convention Aug 2019

Singapore Convention signed

Congratulations to UNCITRAL and all signees! The signing of the Singapore Convention promises to be a pivotal moment for international commercial and investment mediation, and we look forward to continuing to build on our shared vision of access to justice worldwide.

List of Singapore Convention signees

  • Singapore
  • Afghanistan
  • Belarus
  • Benin
  • Brunei
  • Chile
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Congo
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Eswatini
  • Fiji
  • Georgia
  • Grenada
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • India
  • Iran
  • Israel
  • Jamaica
  • Jordan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Maldives
  • Mauritius
  • Montenegro
  • Nigeria
  • North Macedonia
  • Palau
  • Paraguay
  • Philippines
  • Qatar
  • Republic of Korea
  • Samoa
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Sri Lanka
  • Timor-Leste
  • Turkey
  • Uganda
  • Ukraine
  • United States of America
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

Note that this map does not show micro-states.

Please feel free to use this dynamic map of signees and ratifications. It will be updated over time. The direct link is To insert it into your website or blog, use the following code:

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