IMI is delighted to welcome three new members to its Board of Directors:

  • Teresa Garcia-Reyes, Senior Counsel, Litigation, at Baker Hughes.  She is based in Houston, Texas.  LinkedIn
  • Eeva Hakoranta, SVP, Head of Intellectual Property at Nokia and General Counsel of Nokia Technologies.  She is based in Helsinki, Finland. LinkedIn
  • Laila El Shentenawi, Senior Legal Counsel at Siemens.  She is based in Dubai. LinkedIn

The addition of the new Board members reinforces IMI’s goal of being User-focused. In addition, the geographic and gender make-up of the Board is moving towards greater diversity and inclusivity.

All current Board members can be viewed here:

Welcome to our new members, and we look forward to working with you to continue accomplishing IMI’s vision of professional mediation worldwide, promoting consensus and access to justice.

Deborah Masucci

Posted by Deborah Masucci

Deborah Masucci is former IMI Board Co-Chair. She is a global expert in dispute management with over thirty years' experience in promoting the effective use of ADR.

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