Juan Diaz on Peace Mediation

Last Friday, international peace mediation practitioner and senior researcher Juan Diaz gave a presentation on peace mediation, and where it fits into the mediation world. He first gives an overview of what peace mediation is and how it works in conjunction with other peace-building tools such as dialogue. The questions and answers section digs into how corporate/legal and peace mediators can work together and support one another, notions of impartiality and trust, and how to make the leap into peace mediation in your own community. Thank you to Juan for sharing, and to the participants for your fantastic questions.

View Juan’s profile on the US Institute of Peace website here, and watch the video below:

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  1. I found Juan’s presentation to be an eye opener. I have always believed that mediation ought to go beyond being merely a process to being embraced totally as a culture, a way of life, a mode of thinking. I was particularly pleased when he said that mediation “only works if people believe in mediation”. Moreover, Juan’s statement that neutrality or impartiality is not necessarily as we speak about them in theory, resonates with me. Indeed, it has always seemed to me to be that, it is more of what we do and say that enhances or deters a perception of our impartiality than any actual neutrality or impartiality. In other words, it seems to me that the Mediator really needs more to ensure that his/her words or actions support a belief in, a perception of, or even a trust of the mediator’s neutrality or impartiality. Thank you very much, Juan, for this presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has opened my mind to new possibilities.

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