Welcome to the new IMI Ethics Committee!

In September of this year, IMI’s Board voted to reconstitute the IMI Ethics Committee. They have just had their first meeting, pictured above, and we look forward to many successful meetings to come.

Per IMI’s Committees and Taskforces policy, the revitalised committee has a focus on representation from different roles and backgrounds vis-a-vis mediation, as well as including people from countries around the world. We are lucky to have members based in Kenya, Singapore, US, Serbia, South Africa, Italy, Australia, Israel, Ecuador, and Qatar. Several people from the previous iteration of the Committee, including former Chair Ellen Waldman, have kindly agreed to assist once more, to ensure knowledge retention and thereby enhance room for driving the field forward.

The Committee will next be working on refining the approved draft Terms of Reference (see drafted terms here), and items such as a Code of Disclosure and ethical conduct of mediators outside the mediation itself are under consideration.

IMI are cooperating with the International Bar Association in these efforts.

Not pictured above: Ximena Bustamente, Lola Akin Ojelabi.

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