New QAP in Latinoamerica: In Lak’ech (Hispanicamerican Institute for Conflict Resolution)


IMI’s Appraisal Committee have approved a new Qualifying Assessment Program, based in Mexico and operating throughout Latin America. In Lak’ech (Hispanicamerican Institute for Conflict Resolution), provided by Alinea, is directed by IMI Certified Mediator and Mediation Advocate Rafael Niembro Lobo, and conducts assessment in Spanish and in English.

QAPs assess experienced mediators, enabling them to gain IMI Certification. QAPs can be searched here.

The Mayan phrase In Lak´ech, used as a sign of recognition and salute, may be translated as “Eres mi otro yo”/”You are my other me”. In Lak’ech was founded as an entity linked to Alinea Mediation and Conflict Resolution Center (Alinea Centro de Mediación y Resolución de Controversias) in Monterrey, Mexico, that offers online and onsite mediation training, private mediation services, and conflict management assistance.

Alinea is a pioneer in Mediation in México. It teaches Mediation for implementing these practices in many fields, to impact the entire society in learning how to solve conflicts through dialogue.

In Lak´ech promotes wellbeing and peace through conflict resolutions and it is committed to developing the mediation profession with international quality standards, so the learners can participate in international assessments and performance accuracy for certifications.

In Lak’ech application materials

In Lak’ech has the first QAP to be approved in Mexico, and the first Spanish-speaking QAP in Latinoamerica.

View the QAP here:
Alinea’s website:

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  1. Thanks to IMI for this opportunity to collaborate with efforts to improve the practice of mediation in the world through quality standards in the practice of mediation.
    We are excited to continue building pathways to conflict resolution and add more people committed to mediation.

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