New Mediation Advocacy QAP: Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC)

IMI is delighted to announce that Singapore International Mediation Centre has had its Mediation Advocacy Qualifying Assessment Program (MA – QAP) recognized as meeting IMI’s competency criteria required to assess experienced Mediation Advocates and Advisors. 

Mediation is most successful when the parties’ advocates/advisors are knowledgeable and skilled in the principles of the mediation process and negotiation theories.

Mediation presents unique problem-solving opportunities in which representatives can assist their clients to reach faster, cheaper and/or better outcomes with the assistance of a mediator.  They can help their clients achieve outcomes that may be unattainable in a courtroom or arbitration tribunal.  But to do that, they need a different set of knowledge and skills.

Professionals who pass the assessment of the Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC) MA-QAP are qualified for IMI Mediation Advocacy Certification and may have their Profile included on the IMI Find a Mediation Advocate/Advisor Search Engine.

About Singapore International Mediation Centre

The Singapore International Mediation Centre (SIMC) is a not-for-profit institution that offers professional dispute resolution services tailored to the evolving needs of businesses in Asia. Because it is believed that opportunities for commercial partnerships exist even amid a dispute, SIMC helps their clients build lasting relationships and deliver innovative, sustainable solutions that leverage SIMC’s distinctive expertise in dispute management.

SIMC has a panel of international independent mediators from multiple jurisdictions who have extensive experience resolving cross-border disputes and are highly regarded for delivering successful outcomes in complex, high-stakes commercial disputes.

SIMC also has a panel of experts and specialist mediators, with specific cultural and technical expertise to support the work of the International Mediators.

SIMC’s team-driven culture is based on trust, integrity and responsibility. As an organisation, they believe that a diversity of perspectives and strengths is essential to success, and are committed to supporting the talent base and communities that share their values and vision for world without animosity.

Congratulations to Singapore International Mediation Centre!

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