ADR Hellenic Center’s IMI Certified Mediator Training Program may now be conducted online
IMI is pleased to announce that ADR Hellenic Center has had its online training program recognized as meeting IMI’s competency criteria required of CMTPs. Consequently, individuals who now successfully complete ADR Hellenic Center’s online CMTP will be eligible for recognition as IMI Qualified Mediators.
Following the announcement by IMI on the recognition of training delivered in part or entirely online as meeting IMI’s standards, mediation training providers were invited to apply to have their online training programs approved by IMI. The Training Criteria now applies equally to programs that deliver training in-person, in hybrid formats, and online. For more information, view IMI’s training program requirements to recognize online training programs.

ADR Hellenic Center had their training program approved as an IMI CMTP in October 2019 and its online version in April 2022.

Congratulations to ADR Hellenic Center!!!

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