IMI formalises support to the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation

On October 11th, 2022, the International Mediation Institute and the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation signed a Memorandum of Partnership and Cooperation, formalising cooperation and capacity building support initiated earlier this year.

The Ukrainian Academy of Mediation has been established in 2014 in order to promote the spread of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods in Ukraine, as well as raise the level of the culture of peace and harmony in Ukrainian society. Among its many activities are promoting the harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the legislation of the European Union and its reform using the experience of developed democratic countries; promoting the professional development of mediators and spreading ethical standards of behaviour among them; carrying out educational, cultural and scientific activities; and promoting the culture of peace and harmony among citizens.

The Memorandum was signed in order to support and exchange best practices and knowledge on mediation quality assurance, and share experiences of IMI’s vast global network of both organisations as well as practicing mediators. Additionally, the aim of the Memorandum is to develop joint solutions, resources and efforts to support Ukrainian mediators in the war and post-war period,

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss best mediation public policy practices, share information on IMI standards which might be useful in further developments of mediation practice in Ukraine, including the Competency Criteria for Mediation Advocates and Advisors, European Standards and tools as well as the joint work done by CEPEJ and IMI. It was an opportunity to further knowledge about the current state of practice of mediation in Ukraine and the needs of society and mediators. Last but not least, it was an opportunity to meet with colleagues from Ukraine and express sincere support for the work that they do.

The Ukrainian colleagues shared progress of the Project “Consent: Enhancement of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Ukraine with Focus on Mediation”, which is implemented by the Ukrainian Academy of Mediation.

The Project has developed an online platform: “Mediation Help, with the financial support of the European Union. The platform is intended for Ukrainian nationals who need help in extrajudicial settlement of conflicts (disputes), on the one hand, and Ukrainian mediators, who are ready to apply their skills and abilities in providing such assistance for their fellow citizens, on the other.

“This website is intended to help mediators in Ukraine and those abroad in receiving up-to-date information regarding mediation in the host countries as well as to create helpful tools in search of mediators who are ready to provide their services.

This website is intended to help Ukrainians, who have been forced to flee their place of permanent residence, in receiving information on mediation and in finding a mediator to help settle different conflict situations. We proceed from the understanding that the stress provoked by war and resettlement to other domestic and cultural environments lead to various misunderstandings and clashes between people, where the best way for them to be resolved is through negotiations with the participation of a specially trained negotiator – mediator.”

Mediation Help online platform

Recognizing the strong need to build capacity within the Ukrainian mediation community and support colleagues through international professional exchanges, IMI has in the previous period enabled the certification of several Ukrainian mediators. The assessment was conducted free of charge by an IMI Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP), with IMI waiving the listing fee charges.

IMI calls upon its QAP network to similarly support and sponsor a certification of eligible Ukrainian mediators.

We also call upon our network organisations to become partnering organisations of the “Mediation Help” Platform, by providing useful information for Ukrainian mediators, such as legal basis for practice of mediation, mediator requirements, and potential support for Ukrainian mediators which might exist.

The Ukrainian Academy of Mediation was represented by Luiza Romanadze, President and Svetlana Sergeyeva, Vice-President. Both are newly certified IMI mediators. IMI was represented by Executive Director Ivana Ninčić Österle.  

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