Mediator Academy’s IMI Certified Mediator Training Program may now be conducted online

IMI is pleased to announce that Mediator Academy has had its online training program recognized as meeting IMI’s competency criteria required of CMTPs.

Consequently, individuals who now successfully complete Mediator Academy’s online CMTP will be eligible for recognition as IMI Qualified Mediators should they choose to apply for such recognition with IMI.
Mediator Academy had its training program approved as an IMI CMTP in April 2021 and now its online version has gained recognition! 
Mediator Academy also has an existing Mediation Advocacy Qualifying Assessment Program (MA - QAP) which assess highly - experienced Mediation Advocates for the purposes of IMI Mediation Advocacy Certification.

View Mediator Academy’s approved programs here. Visit their website at

Congratulations to Mediator Academy!!!

IMI Certified Mediator Training Programs, or CMTPs, meet international competency criteria for mediation training excellence. Individuals who complete CMTPs are able to become recognised as ‘IMI Qualified Mediators’. CMTPs can be searched here.

As of June 2021, IMI decided to recognize training delivered in part or entirely online as meeting the standards required of IMI CMTPs. Therefore, the Training Criteria now applies equally to programs that deliver training in-person, in hybrid formats, and online. View IMI’s training criteria.

IMI is the only organisation in the world that transcends local jurisdictions to develop global, professional standards for mediators and advocates involved in collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation.

Interested in having your organisation’s training or assessment program appraised against IMI’s international standards? See how to Register a Program here

About Mediation Advocacy

Mediation is most successful when the parties’ advocates/advisors are knowledgeable and skilled in the principles of the mediation process and negotiation theories. Mediation presents unique problem-solving opportunities in which representatives can assist their clients to reach faster, cheaper and/or better outcomes with the assistance of a mediator.  They can help their clients achieve outcomes that may be unattainable in a courtroom or arbitration tribunal.  But to do that, they need a different set of knowledge and skills.

Professionals who pass the assessment of the Mediator Academy MA-QAP are qualified for IMI Mediation Advocacy Certification and may have their Profile included on the IMI Find a Mediation Advocate/Advisor Search Engine.

Learn more about Criteria for Mediation Advocacy QAPs

Learn more about Mediation Advocacy Task Force

Interested in becoming IMI Certified? Learn about the types of IMI Certification, and find your closest program via our Find a Program tool on IMI website.

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