New IMI recognized Qualifying Assessment Program – QAP: Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution – CEDR


IMI is delighted to announce the recognition of Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) as meeting IMI’s competency criteria required to assess highly – experienced mediators for the purposes of IMI Mediator Certification – the international gold standard for mediator certification!

CEDR also has an existing IMI Certified Mediator Training Program - CMTP to deliver high-quality mediator training that meets the international competency criteria for mediation training excellence established by the IMI. 
View CEDR’s approved programs here. Visit their website at

About CEDR

CEDR is Europe’s largest independent Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre for both commercial and consumer disputes handling thousands of referrals a year. CEDR operates the Court of Appeal’s Mediation Service and is certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute in the UK for Consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution. CEDR is a leading negotiation and conflict management trainer internationally in the field and its acclaimed Mediator Skills Training Accreditation has been awarded to over 7,000 mediators in 70 countries. As a non-profit organisation with a public mission to innovate and develop conflict management and dispute resolution, CEDR undertakes unique foundation activities such as the national negotiation competition and skills for life initiative for young people.

Congratulations to CEDR!!!

IMI is the only organization in the world that transcends local jurisdictions to develop global, professional standards for mediators and advocates involved in collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation

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