Civil Mediation Council (CMC) of England & Wales recognition of International Mediation Institute (IMI) Certified Mediators

The Civil Mediation Council (CMC), the largest registering organisation for mediation in England and Wales, has announced that IMI Certified Mediators who move to the United Kingdom (UK) can be registered by the CMC as practicing commercial and workplace mediators in the UK.

“This is great news for mediator mobility as well as important recognition of the quality assurance processes which the International Mediation Institute has worked diligently on, over the last 15 years.”

Ivana Ninčić Österle, IMI Executive Director

IMI Certified Mediators are experienced mediators who have successfully passed an IMI approved Qualifying Assessment Program and have a searchable IMI Certified Mediator Profile and feedback digest.

CMC Registration shows that a mediator has reached a standard where they are safe to practice. This includes having mediation experience, passing an approved training course, maintaining professional development, having professional indemnity insurance, subscribing to an approved mediator code of conduct and having a published complaints policy.

IMI’s system of using ‘Qualifying Assessment Programs’ means that a mediator’s practice and skills will have already been evaluated to a level whereby the CMC can have sufficient confidence that their ability has been judged as competent.

Mediators who are currently IMI Certified and who move their practice to the UK will now not need to demonstrate their previous experience or pass a UK CMC Registered Training Course in order to be admitted to the CMC Register. CMC Registration is only available for mediators who will practice in the UK.

Enquiries about CMC Registration should be sent to

“As a registered charity one of the primary purposes of the CMC is to provide the public with a trusted directory of mediators across various areas including workplace, civil and commercial, community, education and more. With over 700 mediators the CMC covers the whole of England and Wales.  All CMC mediators have provided relevant documentation stating their training and qualifications to ensure the public have access to the best mediators.”

Civil Mediation Council (CMC)

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  1. We at AMIKA Arbitration and Mediation Council(AAMC) Hyderabad, India strongly feel that IMI is setting professional standards of certification in Mediation. We hope to see IMI as the final destination for Mediation Certification in the world.

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