Event invitation: IV International Seminar “ADR and Mediation: Difficulties, Learnings and Challenges”, 15 – 24 March, online

The Seminar is organized by FUNDACIÓN INSTITUTO DE MEDIACIÓN, headed by Lilian Vargas, a Senior Weinstein International Fellow, and TODO SOBRE MEDIACIÓN ,coordinated by Daniel Martínez Zampa, a leading Argentinean mediator and conciliator.

The Seminar aims to reflect on the difficulties encountered in the field of mediation and its development, the role of the mediator, the challenges for mediation in different contexts, and discuss the lessons learned and/or the challenges for the future of Mediation. 

IMI proudly supports this event and will hold presentations on:

  • IMI’s International Mediation Certification and Competency Standards (both in English and in Spanish)
  • the value of IMI Certification from the experience of IMI Certified Mediators,
  • the importance of cultural perspectives in Mediation and
  • the work of the IMI Ethics Committee – “Working Towards Transnational Standards of Mediation Ethics“.

The conferences will be available on the event website and YouTube channel. Participants can access the conferences of their interest and watch them in their own time!

This event is offered free of charge but registration is required via this link: https://www.fimeint.org/login

For more information on the themes, and the 50+ confirmed specialists who will be sharing their experiences, please check out the event websites here:

🌐🌐🌐 Todo sobre Mediación

🌐🌐🌐 Fundación Instituto de Mediación

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