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Current position and background
Engelin was called to the Singapore bar in 1979 and was appointed Senior Counsel in 1998. She was also admitted to the roll of England and Wales in 2008. Engelin helms the law corporation, Engelin Teh Practice LLC. Having an active practice in complex commercial litigation, Engelin has acted as counsel in numerous cases spanning a wide spectrum of areas including banking and finance, company law, corporate and partnership disputes, real estate, commodities, corporate fraud, equity and trust, employment and executive compensation, insolvency, intellectual property, administrative law, landlord and tenancy, professional negligence, insurance and family law.

A qualified arbitrator, Engelin has presided as sole arbitrator and as part of a tribunal in both domestic and international arbitrations under the rules of Singapore International Arbitration Centre and International Chamber of Commerce. She has also represented clients as counsel in various domestic and international commercial arbitrations.
Main mediation practice areas
Engelin has conducted mediation as a Mediator on the panel of the Singapore Mediation Centre, the Centre for Dispute Resolution (State Courts) and the Family Dispute Resolution Registry (Family Justice Courts). The mediated cases relate to commercial disputes as well as high-conflict disputes in divorce proceedings.
Mediation experience
Equipped with the relevant skill set in mediation and having extensive experience in litigation, Engelin is able to assist parties to work through complex situations and navigate differences to achieve effective solutions. She has mediated several cases referred by Singapore Mediation Centre pertaining to commercial disputes as well as high-conflict disputes in divorce proceedings and has successfully brought about settlement between parties in most of these cases. Engelin is also a volunteer mediator for cases assigned by Centre for Dispute Resolution (State Courts) and the Family Dispute Resolution Registry (Family Justice Courts).
Description of mediation style
Evaluative & facilitative.
Code of professional conduct
Singapore Mediation Centre/Singapore International Mediation Centre.
Complaint process
Singapore Mediation Centre/Singapore International Mediation Centre.
Professional indemnity insurance
1. Compulsory Professional Indemnity Scheme - S$2m.
2. Professional Indemnity Excess Liability Insurance (in excess of Primary Policy Limit) - S$20m.
Feedback Digest
Reviewer: Mr Lim George ( )
Latest Update: 2017-05-27 08:37:10

This Feedback Digest is based on 5 feedback in 5 mediations, initially submitted on Friday 26th May 2017.

This Feedback Digest is based on feedback received from a number of lawyers who represented parties in mediations before Ms Engelin Teh, Senior Counsel.

From the responses in the feedback reviewed, Engelin was found to be well prepared for her mediations, and able to grasp the issues in contention quickly. She was patient, professional and impartial in her dealings. Whilst allowing parties to vent their frustrations, she was at the same time able to provide a calming influence on them: to get them to explore options effectively.

One respondent commented that Engelin was a good listener, empathetic and caring towards the parties. With her encouragement, the parties were able to communicate effectively and eventually reached an amicable settlement.

In one of the cases, it was remarked that the mediation took a number of unexpected turns. At one point, it appeared as if settlement would not be achievable. However, through sheer persistence and determination, Engelin managed to get the parties to settle. She even got them to shake hands at the end of the mediation!

In all the responses, the feedback given was that Engelin was a competent, determined and professional mediator.

Professional affiliations
- Mediator, Singapore Mediation Centre Principal Panel of Mediators & Family Panel of Mediators
- Accredited Mediator, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
- Accredited Mediator, Regent’s University London
- Panel of Mediators, China Council of the Promotion of International Trade/China Chamber International Commerce Mediation Centre
- Mediator, Dispute Resolution & Compensation Panel (Mediation Panel) of National Electricity Market of Singapore
- Mediator, Singapore International Mediation Institute.
Mediation education and training
Engelin has attended several mediation training workshops since 2009, amongst which included those organised by Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), Singapore Mediation Centre (SMC), Pepperdine School of Law (Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution), Regent’s University London and International Mediation Institute. She is an accredited mediator of CEDR, SMC and the Regent’s University London.


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