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Dulce Nascimento

Collaborative Lawyer certified by IPC | Certified IMI and Master ICFML mediator | Director of DUMANA and| Author and Coordinator

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IMI Certified Mediator, IMI Certified Mediation Advocate
Brazil, Portugal
English, Portuguese, Spanish
ICFML - Instituto de Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos
Mediation Profile

Born in Lisbon and lived in Brazil since 2013 | in 1991 she started several professional experiences in different areas, with different services and products | conflict prevention, management and resolution was acquired by acting for more than 25 years in negotiation and consensual resolution and in advocacy, more than 16 years in mediation and about 6 years as a proximity judge (2008-2013) | Master in Law FDUL e UFMG| Postgraduate in people management ISG| Specialist in conflict prevention, management and consensual resolution | Lawyer in certified mediation IMI and Master ICFML, with OABr and OAPt | Collaborative Lawyer certified by IPC | Certified IMI and Master ICFML mediator | Director of DUMANA and| Author and Coordinator of CHAVE to advocate in Mediation and Mediation goes to school | Specialist teacher and Mentor | Coordinator of the LLM Graduate Program in Mediation, Management and Conflict Resolution at the Escola Superior de Advocacia | Judicial instructor in Mediation and Conciliation | Supervisor in Mediation | Facilitator and evaluator of the ICFML certification of mediators and legal professionals in Mediation | Vice President ICFML - Mediation Advocacy Coordinator | Secretary of the National Mediation and Conciliation Commission at the Federal Council of the OABCF | Coordinating Judge of the Julgado de Paz Proximity Court (2008-2013) | Author of books, articles and published sentences.


Private mediator since 2003, specializing in business mediation, commercial, labor and family, certified by the International CPR - International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution since 2013; as Advanced Mediator by ICFML- Institute Certificated and Formation of Lusophones Mediators since 2014 and as International Mediator by IMI – International Mediation Institute since 2016. Mediator in the public sector. Member on Family Mediators List and Mediators list of the Portuguese Ministry of Justice. Mediator of the Brazilian judicial system and Private Chambers (like CMBR; CAM-CCBC; CAMARB).

International Certificate in Coaching by Values - Gestion MDS, pelo Prof. Simon L. Dolan. Coordinator at CMBR – Chamber of Brasil Mediation (chamber specializing in the prevention, management and consensual conflict resolution). Also Collaborative Lawyer, and Specialist MESC's counselor in Ferreira Ramos, Filomena Girao and Associates Law Firm, Rl, Coimbra – Portugal; and in Ramirez and Associates Law Firm, Rl, Lisboa – Portugal. Teacher in Negotiation, Conciliation and Conflict Mediation for several entities, public and private, in Brazil and Portugal. Teacher in EaD - theory and practice.

Proactive project "Conflict Mediation Goes to School". Researcher at the Research Centre of the Law School of the University of Lisbon (Centre for Family). Supervisor of GEMedE - in Business Mediation Study Group of PUC Minas - Pontiff Catholic University - Minas Gerais - Brazil (basic module and intermediate module). Observatory Rapporteur on Human Rights - Portugal. Guest speaker for various congresses, seminars, conferences and lectures.

Director of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Brazil - Minas Gerais (2013-2016). Director of the Department of Research and Development of the Association of Mediators and conciliators

Conflicts of Minas Gerais - Brazil. Permanent member of the Commission for Mediation and Conciliation of Federal Council of Brasil Bar Association. Associate GEMME - Groupement Européen des Magistrats pour la Médiation.


Graduate in Law since 1997, postgraduate in Human Resources since 1999 and Master Degree in Law since 2014, Dulce Nascimento is a Portuguese, living in Brasil since 2013. She has experience as advisor of Directors and bodies corporate direction (Law and Human Resources), lawyer, teacher, private and public mediator and technical conciliator. She is Portuguese Lawyer since 2000 and Brazilian Lawyer since 2013.

Between 2006 and 2008 she has been Coordinator of Lisbon Labor Mediators and Coordinates the project Lawyer importance in mediation. She has been a specialist in negotiation, technical conciliation, mediation and conflict resolution since 2003. She is a mediator certificated in civil, commercial, labor and family mediator by IMAB, IMAP, CPR neutral and ICFML. She has been acting as a mediator and conflict manager in several cases involving civil, business and family conflicts, since 2003. She is also a Mediator of CAM-CCBC; CMBR; CAMARB - Brazil Chambers of Mediation and Arbitration, and mediates for other private and public institutions.

Dulce combines more than 15 years of experience with an exceptional curriculum, as an advisor and consulting Director and Corporate director, as a Cooperative Lawyer, Manager of Human Resources, Conflict Mediator and as a Coordinator Peace Judge. She supervises training programs in ADR in several state and private institutions.

Her business knowledge and life experience gives her unique qualities of understanding and ability to adapt to different situations, with different cultures, different interests and different needs. She worked in Lisbon until 2008, lived in Aveiro and work in Santa Maria da Feira from 2008 to 2013, and since 2013 she has lived and worked in Brazil, Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte.

She is author of the book: Mediation Club, a result of the School Mediation project that she developed in College Gão Vasco - Lisbon. She is also author of many law sentences and public articles in conflict resolution matters.

Dulce has mediated a wide variety of disputes including, business, partnership, employment, property, personal injury, family and school disputes in Portugal and Brazil.

Her first mediation case was at 2004. Since then she has done Extrajudicial Mediation with family and labor specialization (2004-2008), Judicial Mediator Labor and Coordinator of Mediators in SML Lisbon (MJ) (2006-2008), Judicial mediator in the Peace Judged from 2005 to 2008.

Since 2014 - Conflict Mediator member of the list DGPJ - Directorate General for Justice Policy

Department of Justice Port. (Law 29/2013) and Family Mediators List (2005-2208), and Mediating Conflict Extrajudicial with business expertise, commercial, labor, family and school (2013-2015).

Dulce treats each case as unique, with time customized for the situation and the participants. She has enough experience to identify the needs and expectations of the parties to suggest and use the more appropriate mediation style to the case - facilitative, transformative or evaluation styles. For Dulce the most important point is that each case deserves to be managed in a very special way that includes trust in the process and in the mediator.

Areas covered are Employment and Commercial in workplace and business disputes, Consumer, Civil matters, Family and School.

It depends on the complexity of the subject and the actors involved, being negotiable.

Master Mediator ICFML Master Laywer in mediation ICFML Direção-Geral da Política de Justiça (DGPJ) do Ministério da Justiça in Portugal Conselho Nacional de Justiça (CNJ) in Brazil

Training and Education

Judicial Mediation - TJMG (Court of Minas Gerais) – Brazil Práticas Colaborativas nas áreas cível e empresarial (Prática premiada no Projeto Innovare)

Understanding the Conciliation and Conflict Resolution for business representatives Specialization in Business Mediation - Institute for Mediation and Arbitration in Brazil

Master Degree in Law award, Lusíada University, Faculty of Law Lisbon (16) - Justices of the peace and reconciliation: its importance in the paradigm of restorative justice

Certification by ICFML (Instituto de Certificação e Formação de Mediadores Lusófonos International Course Mediators training - Prevention and resolution of conflicts by CPR - International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution.

Negotiation and Conflict Mediation - ENAM - National School of Mediation and Conciliation - Public Ministry of the State of Minas Gerais - Attorney General of Justice

Family Mediation Techniques for prosecutors (24 hours) - ENAM - National School of Mediation and Conciliation - Public Ministry of the State of Minas Gerais - Attorney General of Justice

CBV - International Certificate in Coaching by Values - Gestion MDS, by Prof. Simon L. Dolan concept creator, methodology and tools CBV - International Coaching Certification by values - transforming people and organizations through the power of values

II specific course for Peace Judges - Ministry of Justice of Portugal - 3rd classification of the public tender

Theoretical and practical expertise of Family Mediation (90  hours)  recognized  by  IMAP (Institute of Mediation and Arbitration of Portugal) and the Ministry of Justice of Portugal Theoretical and practical expertise of Labour Mediation (90 hours)  recognized  by  IMAP  (Institute of Mediation and Arbitration of Portugal) and the Ministry of Justice of Portugal    Conflict Mediation stage - Walked in Justice of the Peace of Lisbon by IMAP, IMAB and Ministry   of Justice of Portugal - and written test Mediation

Arbitration, Conciliation and Negotiation (60 hours) - AMC (Conflict Mediators Association) and IMAB - Ministry of Justice of Portugal

Theoretical and practical training in Conflict Mediation (130 hours) AMC (Conflict Mediators Association) IMAB (Institute of Mediation and Arbitration of Brazil) and DGAE (Directorate General for Extrajudicial Administration) - Ministry of Justice of Portugal

Training of trainers (105 hours) - Institute of Vocational Training, Portugal

Stage and Aggregation of the Bar Association - District Council of Lisbon, Portugal Postgraduate Certificate in Human Resource Management, School of Management Law Degree (Five years), Universidade Lusíada Faculdade de Direito de Lisboa

Dulce Nascimento has been working as a Teacher on the topics of Alternative Dispute  Resolution, Mediation and Negotiation, in several places:

Public Ministry of the State of Minas Gerais (Attorney General of Justice of Brazil); Public Defender of Minas Gerais; Institute of Mediation and Arbitration of Brazil; Order of Brazilian Lawyers - Minas Gerais; IBMEC; and other public and private entities

She is a regular speaker in International Conferences:

ISCAC - School of Accounting and Administration of Coimbra - New Directions of law:  consensual resolution or non-adversarial dispute, 2014

Mediare - multiport (Conflict Mediation, Relational Therapy and Legal Advice) of Porto -  Portugal, 2014

Appropriate means of conflict resolution - Legal Forum OAB Minas Gerais - Caxambu, 2014 PUC Minas - Cycle of lectures on Mediation and Arbitration, 2014


I Brazilian Congress of Arbitration and Mediation Business with intervention on the panel: Prevention of business disputes, mediation and other dialogical methods of dispute resolution, 2014.

UNA - Practice of Mediation and Conciliation in Portugal, in 2014.

PUC MINAS - VIII Seminar extension of PUC Minas - round table with the theme: Extrajudicial Methods of Conflict Resolution, 2013

Do you know how to deal with conflicts? and commentator - Cine Being & Belonging - movie "It happens in the best families", 2013

UFMG - Methods not opposing Dispute Resolution, 2013

"Conciliation and Mediation - Jurisdictional distinction and relevance - First Congress of the Portuguese Judges Peace - Association of Portuguese Judges of Peace, 2011

Restorative Justice through the Conciliation Courts of Peace "- II International Congress on Mediation - Restorative Justice - GRAL - Ministry of Justice and ISCSP 2011

Justice of Peace Court - Portugal, - Third European Lay Judge Forum in London - European Academy Berlin, 2011

The importance of the Lawyer in Justice of Paz City Council, Justice of the Peace and delegation of OA of Santa Maria da Feira, 2011.

Ago. 2019

TCE-PB novos rumos na administração pública

Ago. 2019

Novos rumos para o exercício da advocacia – OAB-PB

Jul. 2019

IV MED ARB – João Pessoa - Paraíba

Mai. 2019

4º congresso CAMESC Workshop de lançamento “o futuro da mediação e arbitragem no Brasil - Santa Catarina

Mai. 2019

XVII Congresso Internacional de Direito Constitucional (república e constituição) - EBEC – Paraíba

Abr. 2019

Master Speaker no Masterclass da Etapa Nacional Meeting de Negociação – CMI Interser - Minas Gerais

Nov. 2018

I Congresso Internacional de Mediação, Conciliação e Arbitragem, Campina Grande - Paraíba

Set. 2018

III Congresso de Processo Civil Internacional da Universidade Federal Espírito Santo – Espírito Santo

Jun. 2018

IV Congresso Mulheres no Processo Civil - Espírito Santo

Mar. 2018

XVI Conferência Mineira da Advocacia - Juiz de Fora - Minas Gerais

Nov. 2017

XXIII Conferência Nacional de Advocacia Brasileira - São Paulo

Jul. 2017

23rd World Congress for Medical Law (1 artigo aprovado) - Baku, Azerbaijan

Mai. 2017

IX congresso Mundial de Mediação (2 artigos aprovados) - Canadá

Jan. 2017

II Congresso Luso Brasileiro de alienação parental na Faculdade de Direito Universidade de Lisboa


I Congresso Internacional de Mediação de Conflitos na OAB de Porto Alegre/ Rio Grande do Sul


I Congresso de Mediação e Conciliação da OABMG: EXPERIÊNCIA MINEIRA – IMI Day, BH – Minas Gerais


I Fórum Nacional de Mediação e Arbitragem da APEB- Advocacia na Mediação, Salvador - Bahia


2º Encontro Nacional de Advogados do Sertão - Advocacia na Mediação e arbitragem, Juazeiro - Bahia


I Seminário Internacional de Direito Ambiental e Minerário –passado, presente e futuro, proferindo palestra sobre Mediação de Conflitos Ambientais, conjuntamente com o Professor Luiz Oosterbeek – Mariana – Minas Gerais


Mediation needs professional recognition, Magazine Business Portugal - January 2015.

Special Edition of the Arbitration Magazine and Business Mediation GEArb-GeMedE - Relevance of differentiated extrajudicial procedures for the effective and efficient resolution of disputes business: use of dialogical methods in conflict prevention.

Conflict Mediation at School - Project implemented in childhood with integration of elderly, Global Mediation Forum, Rio de Janeiro.

Mediation at School - BIS Journal of the Association of Private Schools of Minas Gerais.

Portugal and the Justices of the Peace - edition special issue of the Luso-Brazilian Journal of Consumer Law devoted to Alternative Dispute Resolution Consumer.

Master's thesis - Justices of the Peace and Reconciliation: its importance in the paradigm of restorative justice (in preparation for editing and publication).

Mediation Club, Publisher Chiado, Lisbon (School Mediation).

Justice of Peace Court - Portugal - ISCSP - Workshop n.º 11. The importance of the lawyer in the Justice of the Peace and Mediation (Justice Proximity) The best practices followed Academic (Observatory of Human Rights).

Several court decisions available in 2012-28 published sentences; 2011-27 sentences published; 2010-37 sentences published; 2009-30 sentences published; 2008-31 published sentences.


IMI Code of Professional Conduct European code of conduct for mediators.

IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process.

Professional indemnity insurance is not available for mediators in Portugal and Brazil. We are working in that field to get it as soon as possible.

Dulce Nascimento
Mediator and Laywer
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