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I have worked as an independent mediator since 1989, both in the UK and in South Africa. I enjoy mediating employment and workplace disputes, as well as certain civil and commercial disputes.

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IMI Support
Feedback digest by IMI Support, 26 Sep 2018 This Feedback Digest is based on 13 feedbacks from 7 mediations submitted between 7th January 2010 and April 2014. Felicity Steadman received consistently top marks for satisfaction ratings from users of mediation. They unanimously said they would use her again and a significant proportion were repeat users. All of the cases reviewed for this feedback digest resulted in a settlement on the day. Costs were reported as being reasonable in the context of the disputes she has mediated. Users frequently commented on her ability to reach a settlement in situations where this had seemed very unlikely at the start of the day. Comments include: “Felicity was in control of this difficult mediation throughout. I don’t know what went on with the other party but she managed to produce a settlement which seemed very unlikely at the start”. Users also praised her for her exceptional emotional intelligence. One commented “Felicity managed to do things that required emotional intelligence that I know are beyond my capabilities – and the capabilities of anyone at my then-employer. She is probably in the top 2-3 of all the people I have ever met”. “She enabled me to feel that I had been listened to, when no-one at my employer had listened. She showed a degree of empathy for how I was feeling without passing comment or judgment on the events that I said had led me to feeling that way, which was very professional”. A strong theme which emerges from the feedback is of Felicity’s calmness and professionalism, which really strengthens the likelihood of reaching an agreement. Comments include: “Felicity was very calm and professional. Both parties were quite emotional and the other party was very aggressive as well. It was not easy to achieve a solution.” In workplace mediations, she clearly has the ability to explain to employees how the process will work and enable them to feel comfortable and safe with the process so that they are willing to engage with it “When I realised there would be a strong chair who would keep things on topic I could see the value of mediation.” Users also appreciate her for her ability to help parties in workplace mediations come to agreements which will hold up over time. This is a particular feature of workplace mediations in comparison to commercial disputes, where the efficacy of the agreement depends on the employees being willing to put it into practice over time. One user commented “This is the second time I have asked for Felicity’s help in two intractable situations – she has brokered an agreement in this case which has remained intact and usable by the parties involved”. Users also praise her for her tenacity, impartiality, patience and creative problem-solving abilities. In general a high degree of satisfaction was expressed, which is captured in this piece of feedback: “She did a great job! She had a very difficult task ahead, particularly dealing with the other side. They were very angry and were very reluctant to pay any money, but with her calmness and many skills she managed to shift that and managed the parties to get a deal. She nailed it!” No reportable negative comments have arisen in the last 2 calendar years.
This feedback digest was last updated 9 April 2014.
by IMI Support, 21 Jul 2024
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