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Jessica Carter
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Mediation Specialist - New Zealand. Jessica Carter is a conflict resolution specialist, mediator, coach and trainer.

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Tony O Gorman
Feedback digest by Tony O Gorman, 7 Sep 2018 Feedback Digest Mediator: Ms Jessica Carter Reviewer: Mr. Tony O’Gorman - IMI Certified Mediator (

This feedback digest has been prepared consistent with the IMI guidelines. The feedback spans from September 2008 to August 2009 involving 21 participants in 14 mediations. These mediations were from mediation services, government agencies and commercial mediations. Parties who have used Jessica Carter would overwhelmingly use her services again and consistently say they would recommend her to others. Ms Carter’s mediation skills and abilities are rated as highly effective. She consistently received a high rating, with an average Performance Level of 4.5. (Ratings are 1.0-5.0, with the highest rating being 5.0) Numbers of responses point to her high level of preparation for the mediation and her attention to detail, together with her “thorough explanation of process, of the mediator’s role, participants’ roles, limitations on the mediator’s role, and special considerations for unrepresented parties.” Together with her “comfort in dealing with conflict”, she is considered to have a “good understanding and assessment of the mood of the parties involved” and is praised for “her persuasiveness in her efforts to keep parties in the mediation process.” Jessica’s obvious respect for the parties’ differences is highlighted by the fact that she “allows all perspectives to be heard and embraces a very human side to resolving disputes” and is “very strong on pursuing an outcome in a gentle non- threatening way.” Ms Carter’s personal presence, combined with her professional disposition, has the ability to put parties at ease, encouraging them to be strong in presenting and stating their own interests whilst getting them to be able to articulate what is central to the other parties’ presentation and case. She has been described as “tenacious, calming, patient and respectful”, and a quality commented on a number of times by participants in feedback is Jessica’s ability to “stay focused on moving parties (and experts) toward settlement.” Ms Carter has considerable understanding of the complex behaviours and patterns that have brought parties into conflict and how they are played out in the mediation. As the CEO of one of New Zealand’s largest companies testified, “Your observations on predictive behaviours of parties during mediation and mediation discussions helped me better understand the dynamics at play as we interacted with the other party to resolve the dispute… …your engagement has been invaluable.” Ms Carter’s ability to be flexible in mediation style and approach is supported by a comment that Jessica was “good at recognising that we needed to have the opportunity for a free-for-all to narrow the issues.” Ms Carter’s competency and ability as a mediator is well-expressed by a Legal advisor in mediation who said, “I have extensive experience as Counsel in a wide variety of mediations. Jessica has impressed me as one of the most thorough mediators in all aspects of her role.” There have been no negative comments or feedback in the last 2 calendar years.

This feedback digest was last updated 28 September 2009.
by Tony O Gorman, 26 May 2024
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