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Bill Marsh
Feedback digest by Bill Marsh, 20 Jul 2018 All feedback suggests that John Sturrock’s skill and reputation is unparalleled in the Scottish market and that he is well recommended by clients there and elsewhere. He is perceived as being able to help clients achieve results which would otherwise have proved impossible. He is regarded as the most experienced and highly skilled mediator operating in Scotland, with an extensive practice elsewhere in the UK and a growing reputation in many other parts of the world. 

 John builds rapport with parties quickly and effectively shows empathy with them while remaining impartial at all times. His style is both approachable and robust and he manages to stay optimistic throughout the process. Clients speak of his ability to combine a directness and rigour in getting to the heart of the issues, with a genuine respect, empathy and warmth for those involved. He is also said to be engaged and committed, and not afraid to give a steer to the negotiations. He has good knowledge of background law (as a QC) and also a good understanding of commercial factors and a good manner with parties. It is said that clients enjoy the mediation process with John. 

He has an ability to “read” a case perfectly and his key USP is said to be in identifying instinctively the right approach to handling the mediation. He is recognised for his ability quickly to focus on critical issues and to convey complex material in a simple manner and for his skill in pulling together widely disparate threads and knowing when and how to take matters forward. He adapts to fit the dynamic of the particular dispute and the style of the parties and their advisers. John is acutely aware of the dynamic of the lawyer/client relationship and understands the pressures for advisers, particularly with a challenging client. In one matter, it was noted that he remained in contact with parties after the mediation day to assist them in reaching an agreement. Outside of commercial mediation, his work with legislatures, sporting bodies and religious organisations gives him a valuable breadth of experience and insight.

This feedback digest was last updated 3 February 2016.
by Bill Marsh, 26 May 2024
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