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Current position and background
Dr Paul Gibson is the principal of Gibson ADR - a firm which specialises in:
• Mediation and complex dispute resolution,
• Education and training in mediation, negotiation and conciliation, and
• The design and implementation of conflict management systems within organisations.

Paul is also the Executive Director of the Centre for Conflict Resolution (based in Sydney, Australia), and a partner of The Trillium Group.
He has special expertise in multi-party conflict and resolving complex stakeholder disagreements & disputes. He is capable of applying a full range of ADR techniques and processes – facilitation, conciliation, mediation, neutral evaluation, arbitration and hybrid techniques.

Over his career, Paul has worked across a diverse range of businesses and industry sectors, and has consulted to large corporations in Australia and overseas. Paul has worked with international organisations and governments in South East Asia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe and USA.

His clients include large corporates, SMEs, government agencies and statutory bodies; he has also worked successfully with “uniformed” cultures of the military, police and prison services. He is skilled and practised in working with Boards, JV Partnerships, CEOs, senior executives, management teams, work groups, unions and in situations involving significant turmoil and conflict.
Main mediation practice areas
Commercial contracts and supply arrangements;
Workplace, employment & industrial relations;
JV and Alliance agreements;
Organisational dysfunction;
Family business & partnerships;
Neighbourhood & community relationships;
Industry & agricultural associations; and
International & cross-border disputes.
Mediation experience
Paul Gibson has been a full-time professional mediator since 2006. Prior to that he had 25 years of dispute resolution using facilitation, negotiation and conciliation techniques. He combines 40 years of management, consulting, training and dispute resolution experience, with current international knowledge and specialist training.

As an example of the complexity of the work which Paul undertakes, in 2007 he conducted a successful large scale multiparty negotiation and consensus building assignment with a large agricultural industry. This involved resolving conflict between more than 950 growers, 15 processors, various marketing companies, industry consultants, and the elected Board of the peak industry body. More than 290 people were involved directly in this assignment.
Description of mediation style
Paul uses Facilitative Mediation almost exclusively. He is also experienced and adept at multi-party mediation, as well as applying hybrid forms of dispute resolution to disputes.

Paul also practises ”transformative mediation” if required to by either the conflict situation, or when preferred by the parties to the mediation. Often he will work with clients and parties to construct a workable process for them.
Code of professional conduct
LEADR Code of Conduct
IMI Code of Professional Conduct
Complaint process
LEADR: Association of Dispute Resolvers
IMI Professional Conduct Assessment Process
Professional indemnity insurance
Insured with AON Risk Services Australia Limited - world-wide coverage (except North America – USA and Canada and the protectorates)
(Limit of Liability for Professional Indemnity is AUD10m)
Feedback Digest
Reviewer: (QAP) Association for International Arbitration ( )
Latest Update: 2014-01-21 02:20:56

This Feedback Digest is comprised of 13 Feedbacks initially collected in March 2008.

In the feedbacks provided, Dr. Gibson’s overall skill and ability were given a 5/5 across the board. All parties said that they would use his services again and would also recommend his services to others.

A lot of reference was made to Dr. Gibson’s professionalism, neutrality, impartiality, flexibility and calming influence. His ability to get to the heart of the problem quickly and without fuss, to build a rapport with the parties so that all those involved felt comfortable and able to deal with difficult characters and situations was also emphasized. In addition, his effective management and helpful advice together with frank feedback and capability to overcome negativity were praised.

In the feedback, more than one party mentioned their gratitude towards and appreciation of the mediator’s skill and dedication. Two different parties in particular, mentioned that the effect of the mediation led to avoiding significant financial loss in one case and restoring the relationship between claimant and employer with great success in the other.

The overall experience with this mediator was rated 5/5 in 11 out of the 13 feedbacks and 4/5 in 2 of the 13 feedbacks. High satisfaction with regard to costs was reported where applicable. All parties said the process was worthwhile. All but one of Dr. Gibson’s mediations resulted in a resolution.

No reportable negative comments have arisen in the feedbacks.

Reviewer: Olivia Staines on behalf of the Association for International Arbitration (AIA).

Professional affiliations
Member, LEADR (Aust. & NZ)
Member, IAMA (Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia)
Registered EU cross-border Mediator (Federal Mediation Commission, Belgium)
Member, European Centre for Dispute Resolution
Senior Fellow of the Corporate Directors’ Association of Australia
Member, Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Former National Councillor of the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators, Australia (IAMA), and Chair of IAMA’s National Facilitative Practice Committee
Former Chair of the NSW Chapter Executive of LEADR.
Fee rate
Please contact Paul by email to discuss fees.
Contact details for references/recommendations
Mr Francis (Frank) Handy, The Trillium Group
Ms Leta Chen, Momentum, Mediation & Psychological Services
Dr Sallie Strickland, Mediator & Consulting Psychologist
Mediation education and training
LEADR Accredited Mediator (Australia & NZ)
IAMA Accredited Mediator (Australia)
NMAS Accredited Mediator and Mediation Instructor (Australia)
EU Qualified Mediator (EMTPJ, European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice, AIA, Brussels)
Graded Arbitrator (IAMA)
Mediation teaching and mentoring
Paul is active in the education and training of dispute resolution skills. He trains and coaches mediators and is regularly asked to participate in the training and up-skilling of facilitators and conciliators. He is a NMAS qualified Mediation Instructor, and has taught NMAS mediation qualification programs for The Trillium Group and IAMA.

He teaches conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation to postgraduate students at Deakin University and the University of NSW, as well as teaching ADR to masters students at the College of Law in Sydney. He also adjudicates the University of NSW Law Faculty Negotiation Competition, and as part of this role coaches law students in negotiation skills. He was also a Judge in the 2013 and 2014 ICC International Mediation Competition (Paris).

Paul was appointed to the Faculty of the European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice (EMTPJ) training program at the University of Brussels, where he taught the six day practical skills component of the program in 2012 and 2013. He has also lectured on ADR and taught mediation in New Zealand, Milan, and Prague. Paul also conducts Mediator Master Classes for experienced and advanced mediators by request.

Additionally, Paul has conducted bi-lingual training of facilitators and negotiators in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Fiji and PNG.
Mediation publications
“International Mediation” - a Guide to European Mediation, AIA publication, 2012
“Intercultural Mediation”- The Arbitrator and Mediator, June 2013
Various Book Reviews
Regular Blog - Centre for Conflict Resolution –
Pending Publication – ”Constructive Disagreement”


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