Mediation Knol – Finding an International Mediator

Finding an International Mediator is one of the first mediation Knols. Authored by Michael McIlwrath, a Vice-Chair of IMI’s Independent Standards Commission, the Knol raises the issue of identifying suitable candidates to mediate an international commercial dispute. The Knol is an extract from the forthcoming book to be published by Kluwer Law International in 2009 on International Dispute Resolution co-authored by Michael McIlwrath of GE and John Savage of Shearman & Sterling.

In December 2007, Google created a new tool called Knol (meaning a unit of knowledge). Similar to Wikipedia, a Knol differs in a number of ways — a Knol on a subject identifies the author and can be contributed to by anyone, but the authors or their designees can veto changes and additions. Finding an International Mediatoris set up as an open Knol to invite edits to the article. Those edits will be moderated by a group of 5 invited experts: Wolf von Kumberg of Northrop Grumman Corporation, IMI Chairman; Diane Levin, Boston-based mediator and publisher of Mediation Channel blog and the Directory of ADR Blogs; Jeremy Lack, Geneva-based mediation advocate with Altenburger; Melanie Meilhac, director of the ICC’s ADR services [provisional] and Giovanni Nicola Giudice, director of mediation services for the Court of National and International Arbitration of the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

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